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Tag refers to images referencing this One_Piece film. It is the 16th film in the franchise.

It was released on August 9, 2022. The film marks the return of director Taniguchi Gorou to the One Piece franchise; he actually directed the very first One Piece adaptation One Piece Defeat the Pirate Ganzack for Production I.G. in 1998, which had a completely different seiyuu cast. This is the first time he worked on Toei's adaptation of the series. The film was written by Kuroiwa Tsutomu who previous penned One Piece Gold. Series creator Oda_Eiichiro supervised the film's story and designed the characters and the film is treated as canon even if it does not drastically affect the manga's main story with female lead Uta even appearing in some concurrently running episodes of the One Piece TV series.

Although it is an action adventure story like the rest of the franchise, this installment is unique in its greater focus on music with nearly ten musical sequences spread throughout the film's runtime. The film forgoes the orchestral soundtrack by the standard series composer Tanaka Kouhei in favor of a soundtrack based around the vocal songs performed by Ado_(singer), the singing voice of the film's female lead Uta, who was a rising talent in the music industry at the time of the film's release. The vocal songs are collaborations between Ado and a variety of popular Japanese musicians, allowing Ado to sing songs in each musician's signature style. The score was composed by Nakata Yasutaka of electronic group Capsule, who also wrote the film's main theme song Shin Jidai. As promotion for the film, Ado's Youtube channel uploaded music videos starring Uta instead of Ado's usual character avatar, based around the songs in the movie. The music videos use completely different animation from the movie's musical sequences and are spoiler free. The film is also notable in that Shanks, a character important to the series mythos in spite of limited screen time, has a larger role in the film's story.

The Straw Hats arrive at Elegia, a kingdom previously famous for its music. The kingdom is now a shell of its former self, but it has once again risen to prominence in the world news since the superstar Internet singer Uta is set to perform her first live concert there. Elegia is now packed with fans from all over the world. Once the concert starts, Luffy realizes that Uta is in fact, his long lost childhood friend, and Uta still remembers Luffy despite the decade they spent apart. Uta is happy to see Luffy and welcomes him and his friends to the concert, which Uta plans to be the biggest and longest one ever attempted in the world. However, they don't get to enjoy their happy reunion for long. Marines and rival pirates are scattered in the crowd. The former are suspicious of Uta and are keeping a close eye on her while the latter suspect that Uta possesses Devil Fruit powers and want to get their hands on her. Uta has also changed considerably from her past self; she now has an intense hatred for pirates in spite of wanting to be a musician on a pirate ship in the past. With the world's eyes on Elegia, Uta's concert soon becomes a battleground between multiple factions that can change the fate of the new world. . .

The film was a box office smash upon release and was the most successful One Piece film at the box office, earning over 8 million yen in Japan.


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