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This tag refers to any variety of traditional Japanese clothing. This excludes modern Japanese fashion, including gothic_lolita and school_uniforms like seifuku and gakuran.


A full-length garment worn like a robe. The kimono is held together by a wide belt called an _obi_. In Gelbooru, this tag specifically refers to formal kimono, which are often made with silk and feature elaborate patterns and multiple layers. Variations include a furisode, short__kimono, kimono_skirt.


It was an extremely elegant and highly complex kimono that was only worn by court-ladies in Japan.

This tag will be used to describe Kimono that were prevalent to the Heian period. Such as the Juunihitoe "twelve-layer robe" and other layer robes that have lower numbers (usually 5).


A formal kimono worn by the bride in a traditional Japanese wedding. Normally white and worn with a white hood or hat.


A yukata is a special type of lightweight kimono typically worn during the summer. Yukata are much simpler in design and are usually made with cotton. They are commonly associated with summer festivals. variations include short_yukata.


Hakama are worn on the lower half of the body, on top of a kimono. Traditionally they are worn by samurai.

Together with a _kataginu_ (a sleeveless jacket) and a formal kimono, they comprise a _kamishimo_, the standard attire for samurai and court officials.

Miko typically wear a white kimono and dark red hakama. This dress is called a _chihaya_.

Karaginu_mo (Chinese jacket)

Worn formally by ladies in the Heian Period. Some are noticeably very colorful with large patterns.


A coat worn on top of a kimono, usually added for formality.


A lightweight ribbon or cord used to tie back the sleeves on a yukata or kimono.


A large belt worn around the waist. On women especially obi can be elaborate affairs. This tag typically won't be seen on Gelbooru, as obi are almost always implied by kimono. See also obi_spin, a common gag in which the obi is yanked, causing the girl to spin around.


Socks. They are distinguished from regular socks by a divide between the big toe and the other toes.


A form of traditional Japanese footwear that resembles a kind of sandal with an elevated wooden base.


A loincloth.

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