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 1boy aqua_hair card_(medium) character_name creatures_(company) day game_freak grusha_(pokemon) hands_in_pockets jacket king_gidora looking_at_viewer male_focus mountain nintendo official_art outdoors pokemon pokemon_sv pokemon_tcg scarf scarf_over_mouth sky snow solo striped_clothes striped_scarf two-tone_scarf yellow_jacket
1boy belt bill_(pokemon) book brown_eyes brown_hair brown_pants card_(medium) clipboard collared_shirt creatures_(company) game_freak highres holding holding_clipboard indoors computer_keyboard king_gidora male_focus monitor nintendo pants pokemon pokemon_frlg pokemon_tcg purple_shirt shirt solo sticky_note
 1boy black_sweater blonde_hair card_(medium) closed_mouth creatures_(company) game_freak headband highres king_gidora looking_back male_focus moon morty_(pokemon) night nintendo outdoors pants pokemon pokemon_hgss pokemon_tcg purple_eyes purple_headband ribbed_sweater scarf solo sweater water white_pants
 1girl armband black_choker blue_hair blue_pants camera card_(medium) character_name choker creatures_(company) game_freak green_hair hair_between_eyes highres hisuian_growlithe holding holding_camera king_gidora looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair nintendo official_art pants perrin_(pokemon) pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_sv pokemon_tcg red_eyes short_hair solo sports_bra watch wristwatch
 1girl blue_pants card_(medium) claws creatures_(company) fangs game_freak highres hisuian_growlithe king_gidora nintendo open_mouth pants perrin_(pokemon) pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_sv pokemon_tcg rock shoes solo_focus water white_footwear
 1boy bag bench black_hair blue_shirt card_(medium) character_name collared_shirt creatures_(company) crossed_bangs flower game_freak gloves grass hair_between_eyes hairband jacket kieran_(pokemon) king_gidora long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus mole mole_on_neck nintendo official_art outdoors pokemon pokemon_sv pokemon_tcg purple_hair red_gloves shirt shorts single_glove solo tree yellow_eyes yellow_hairband

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