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It is a science fantasy action adventure anime film that was animated by A-1_Pictures. It was released on February 18, 2017, and was created by mostly the same cast and crew as the TV series. It is set between the Mother's Rosario arc and the Alicization arcs and is a sequel to the second season of the anime TV series. Unlike the previously mentioned arcs, it is not based on any arc from the source material and is an original but canon story in the series. The story was written by the director Ito Tomohiko and the creator of the franchise, Kawahara Reki. For Itou, this was the last Sword Art Online work he worked on, as the Alicization adaptation would be handled by a a different director. The soundtrack was again composed by Kajiura Yuki, but this film notably features multiple vocal songs performed by Kanda_Sayaka, who voices Yuuna, the character who performs the songs in-universe.

It has now been 4 years since the Nerve Gear Incident that killed thousands of MMO players. While VRMMOs are still being produced, they are now faced with a competitor in the form of Augmented Reality games. Unlike the Nerve Gear and Amusphere games, Augma games can be played absolutely anywhere provided one has purchased the product. Instead of using the massive headsets of past games, Augma games can be activated by smaller and more convenient ear piece. The most popular Augma game is Ordinal Scale, a MMORPG in the vein of Sword Art Online, except that it can be played in public. Event battles are set in various designated locations around cities. Once players are hooked in, the game will, from the players' perspective, transform the cityscape into a fantasy setting where they can battle monsters alongside other players. As the game is played in real life, players' real life athleticism also affects their combat abilities in the game. Dying in-game only penalizes the player with loss of points and a decreased ranking whereas successful monster kills results in points, an increased ranking, and various rewards. Ordinal Scale also has a mascot in the form of the virtual idol singer Yuna, who has become a big star thanks to the game's popularity.

All of the returning characters are addicted to this new technology save protagonist Kirito who has some concerns about the new tech and is still more interested in VRMMOs. However, Kirito becomes more involved in using Augma once he notices something suspicious about Ordinal Scale. The game features numerous references to the defunct Sword Art Online, to the point that it outright recycles the boss monsters from said game. Furthermore, fellow SAO players have been suffering injuries combined with memory loss after playing said game, a problem that becomes personal to Kirito once his friend Klein and later his girlfriend Asuna suffer the same fate. Kirito sets out with his friends to investigate Ordinal Scale and prevent the game from harming more players.

The film was a box office success, opening number 1 at the Japanese box office and earning $38,256,354 internationally. The new characters introduced in the film, Yuna and Eiji, became popular in their own right and were later incorporated in subsequent Sword Art Online adaptations.



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