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When a person lifts up someone else's clothing. See lifted_by_self for when a person lifts up their own clothing.

This tag should always be used in conjunction with another clothes_lift tag, such as shirt_lift, skirt_lift, bra_lift, etc.

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 2girls airi_(band)_(blue_archive) airi_(blue_archive) animal_ears ass assisted_exposure black_hair black_mask black_panties blue_archive blue_background blush bob_cut brown_hair cat_ears clothes_lift colored_inner_hair gradient_background green_eyes green_panties halo highres kazusa_(band)_(blue_archive) kazusa_(blue_archive) lifting_another's_clothes long_hair looking_at_viewer mask_pull multicolored_hair multiple_girls panties pink_eyes pink_hair pleated_skirt shirt short_hair simple_background skirt skirt_lift smile standing striped_clothes striped_panties sweat underwear uno_ryoku upskirt white_shirt
 23_(real_xxiii) 2girls :3 abs absurdres ahoge arched_back arm_support bikini bikini_under_clothes black_choker blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bracelet braid breasts buttons cellphone choker cleavage closed_mouth clothes_lift collared_shirt commentary_request couple covered_erect_nipples crop_top cross cross_choker dark-skinned_female dark_skin dress_shirt earrings evening eyes_visible_through_hair fang female_focus front-tie_top glasses grey_necktie grey_skirt hair_between_eyes hands_on_another's_hips highres huge_breasts indoors jewelry large_breasts lifting_another's_clothes light_areolae long_hair micro_bikini miniskirt multiple_bracelets multiple_girls muscular muscular_female navel necktie nipples obliques open_mouth original pendant_choker phone pink_nails pleated_skirt ring sela_(23) shirt shirt_tucked_in short_hair short_sleeves skin_fang skirt skirt_lift smartphone smile star_(symbol) star_earrings sweat swimsuit table toned unbuttoned ursula_(23) wavy_mouth wedding_ring white_shirt wife_and_wife window yellow_bikini yuri
 1girl absurdres arms_behind_back bdsm black_bra black_ribbon black_skirt bondage bound bra braid breasts clothes_lift commentary cowboy_shot danganronpa:_trigger_happy_havoc danganronpa_(series) english_commentary faceless faceless_male gag grey_hair grin hair_ribbon highres improvised_gag just_some_guy kirigiri_kyoko large_breasts lifting_another's_clothes miniskirt navel pleated_skirt purple_eyes rape restrained ribbon rope shibari side_braid skirt skirt_lift smile standing tape tape_gag teeth underwear
 2boys absurdres ao_isami ass bara between_legs black_hair black_tank_top blonde_hair boxers collage comparison couple dog facial_hair full_body heads_together highres hug hug_from_behind kemonomimi_mode kiss kissing_neck large_pectorals leg_on_another's_leg lewis_smith lifting_another's_clothes llld_(2ldk1241) loving_aura male_focus male_underwear midriff_peek multiple_boys muscular muscular_male pectorals short_hair sideburns_stubble spooning stubble tail tail_between_legs tail_wagging tank_top thick_eyebrows toned toned_male topless_male translation_request underwear undressing yaoi yuuki_bakuhatsu_bang_bravern
 2girls bang_dream! bang_dream!_it's_mygo!!!!! blue_serafuku blue_shirt blue_skirt brown_hair chihaya_anon collarbone commentary female_pov haneoka_school_uniform head_out_of_frame highres kanaha_lazy lifting_another's_clothes long_hair long_sleeves lying midriff multiple_girls nagasaki_soyo neckerchief on_back on_bed pleated_skirt pov sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt skirt tsukinomori_school_uniform undone_neckerchief white_sailor_collar yuri
 2girls ass black_socks blue_eyes blue_ribbon blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt bow bow_bra bra breasts brown_hair clothes_lift clothes_pull commentary_request from_side full_body hair_ribbon hand_up kneehighs kneeling koutaro lifting_another's_clothes long_hair medium_breasts multiple_girls navel open_clothes open_shirt original panties pink_bra pink_panties red_eyes ribbon ribbon-trimmed_bra sailor_collar school_uniform serafuku shirt_pull shoes short_sleeves side_ponytail simple_background sitting skirt skirt_lift socks summer_uniform twintails underwear uwabaki white_background white_bra white_footwear white_panties yuri

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