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Tag type: General


A subset of spread_legs where both legs are bent so as to form a V shape over the upper torso. This is most common when a character is on their back (on_back) or when jumping and kicking both of their legs up for a split second. Note that the knees should be either minimally bent or not at all, so that the full length of the leg forms a V shape, not just the upper legs.

If you can see both upper legs (thighs) but only one lower leg (post #2004098), do not use this tag since you don't know what the other lower leg is doing.

This tag should not be used when the character is standing - in this instance, use legs_apart.

Compare to v_arms.

See also:

· M_legs
· spread_legs
· folded
· knees_on_chest
·· knees_to_chest
· legs_over_head


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