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A character is extending an arm (outstretched_arm) in the direction of the viewer (pov), as if trying to reach out of the screen.

See also:

· beckoning
· foreshortening
· outstretched_arm
· outstretched_hand
· reaching


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 1girl bare_shoulders bikini black_hair blue_shorts blush braid breasts cleavage collarbone commentary_request double_bun dutch_angle grey_eyes groin hair_bun highres long_hair looking_at_viewer love_live! love_live!_nijigasaki_high_school_idol_club medium_breasts midriff navel osora_dao reaching reaching_towards_viewer red_bikini shorts side_braid sidelocks solo standing sweat swimsuit upper_body v-shaped_eyebrows viewfinder yuuki_setsuna_(love_live!)
 1girl absurdres ahoge animal_ears animal_hands barefoot black_dress blush breasts breasts_out cleavage cocktail_dress commentary_request dress fangs flower full_body grey_hair hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament hannah_(mahjong_soul) highres large_breasts long_bangs long_hair looking_at_viewer lying mahjong_soul nipples nose_blush on_back open_mouth pelvic_curtain pink_eyes pink_flower reaching reaching_towards_viewer red_ribbon ribbon skin_fangs sleeveless sleeveless_dress snowflake_hair_ornament solo tail tail_ornament tail_ribbon tiger_ears tiger_girl tiger_tail very_long_hair zao_(pixiv_15847342)
 1girl black_jacket blush brown_eyes brown_hair closed_mouth highres jacket jujutsu_kaisen kugisaki_nobara looking_at_viewer medium_hair motion_lines nail_polish portrait prima_(kururi_kururi) reaching reaching_towards_viewer red_nails solo sunglasses translation_request v
 1boy akakokko_(niro_azarashi) bird_boy birdmen bodysuit clenched_hand looking_at_viewer male_focus monochrome open_mouth outstretched_arm parted_bangs reaching reaching_towards_viewer short_hair simple_background solo teeth wang_guang_feng wings yellow_theme
 absurdres animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bag black_bag blue_archive blue_eyes blue_jacket blue_necktie blue_scarf breasts checkered_clothes checkered_skirt cropped_legs cross_hair_ornament earrings fox_ears gloves green_gloves grey_hair grey_skirt hair_ornament halo highres jacket jewelry large_breasts looking_at_viewer necktie ohw8g parted_lips reaching reaching_towards_viewer scarf shiroko_(blue_archive) shirt shoulder_bag side_ponytail single_glove skirt stud_earrings white_background white_shirt
 2girls ;) ;d animal_ears arm_up armpits beret black_hair black_jacket blue_bow blue_eyes blue_ribbon blush bow breasts closed_mouth collared_dress commentary_request covered_collarbone crop_top curren_chan_(umamusume) dress ear_bow gloves grey_hair hair_ribbon hat horse_ears horse_girl horse_tail jacket long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts multicolored_hair multiple_girls off-shoulder_jacket off_shoulder one_eye_closed open_mouth pleated_skirt purple_background purple_eyes reaching reaching_towards_viewer red_bow ribbon selfie shirt skirt sleeveless sleeveless_dress sleeveless_shirt smile streaked_hair striped_clothes striped_dress sunanuko_(ramuneko) tail twintails two-tone_background umamusume vertical-striped_clothes vertical-striped_dress very_long_hair vivlos_(umamusume) white_background white_gloves white_hair white_headwear white_shirt white_skirt

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