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機動戦士ガンダム 第08MS小隊 Kidou Senshi Gandamu Dai Zerohachi Emu Esu Shoutai

Tag refers to images referencing this installment of the Gundam franchise. It is a real robot action anime OVA that ran from January 25, 1996 to July 25, 1999. It was originally directed by Kanda Takayuki who completed the first half of the series before he passed away. This caused a delay to production and Iida Umanosuke took over as director to finish the OVA. The soundtrack was composed by Tanaka Kouhei in his second Gundam soundtrack. The characters were designed by Kawamoto_Toshihiro. The story was written by Okeya Akira, who wrote the first 9 episodes, and Kitajima Hiroaki, who wrote the last three. The OVA was later followed up with another OVA, called The 08th MS Team: Battle in Three Dimensions in 2013, which didn't involve either of the original directors as they had both passed away. This OVA was directed by Watada Shinya and written by Okouchi Ichiro.

It is set in UC 0079, the same year as the original Mobile Suit Gundam and is a side story to said series. The series follows Amada Shiro, an idealistic young Federation soldier who is set to be the new commander of the 8th MS Team. Before he reaches said team, he has an encounter in space where he both rescues his future fellow teammate Terry Sanders, and meets a female Zeon pilot named Aina Sahalin. In spite of being on opposing sides, the two of them quickly fall in love with each other, but they are forced to separate, hoping to meet again. Shiro descends to Earth to lead the 08th MS Team, which primarily fights ground battles. As Shiro gets used to fighting on land and leading his team, he steadily finds his view of war changing from what he had been conditioned to believe, and he is eventually forced to decide where he ideologically stands on the war effort. . .

This OVA plays up the 'real' aspect of the real robot subgenre with the battles primarily taking place on land, forgoing the space opera feel of most Gundam works. This emphasis on land battles means that characters have to take into greater account elements like terrain, weather, etc, and how they affect their weapons/strategies, and also how to move as a cohesive unit, like real soldiers have to do.


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