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Firstly, this tag is not for sources that are no longer available. For such sources, see bad_id.

bad_link is for any post that has a direct image link as a source, rather than the tweet, Tumblr post, 4chan (archived) post, or other web page onto which the image was uploaded (unless the source can only be accessed as a direct image link, via a blog/gallery link, as an example).

It goes without saying that normalized sources (that is, posts with direct image link sources that end up pointing to the source post regardless, ala pximg) also don't count for this tag.

4chan: source:* / source:*is*.4c** / source:**
AcFun: source:**
—AC Nimingban: source:**
Amazon: source:*images**
—Cloudfront (various): source:** -source:*/photos/large/*
—Web Services (various): source:**
Alibaba: source:**
—Taobao: source:**
ArtStation: source:*cdn**/assets/*
Behance: source:*://mir-*cdn* source:*bcyimg* / source:*img-bcy*
Bilibili: source:**
Blogger/Blogspot: source:*bp*blogger* / source:*bp.blogspot*
Discord: source:**
Dobrochan: source:**
Drawr: source:*://cd* / source:*img*
Facebook/Instagram: source:** -source:*/hphotos*
—Instagram: source:**
Google: source:* / source:*
—Google Cloud Storage: source:*
—Google Drive: source:*
—Google Groups: source:*
—Picasa(?): source:*
Heyuri: source:**
Know Your Meme: source:*
Komica: source:**/src/
Lofter: source:**
Nijie: source:*://pic0*
Pinterest: source:*://
Pixiv: source:*://
—Pixiv Fanbox: source:**
Poipiku: source:*:// / source:*://
Ruliweb: source:*/i*.ruliweb*
Sina (Weibo, etc): source:**
Tencent (QQ, etc): source:**jpg* / source:**
Tumblr: source:** / source:**
Twitter: source:**

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 12anchovy bad_link blonde_hair blue_background blue_eyes bright_pupils expressionless flower highres knees_up long_sleeves looking_at_viewer loose_clothes medium_hair multiple_views original pants red_footwear red_shirt shirt shoes short_ponytail sidelocks simple_background sitting white_flower white_pants white_pupils
 12anchovy 1girl absurdres bad_link bird black_footwear bright_pupils crow dot_nose dress expressionless flower frilled_dress frills green_background hat highres legs_apart long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_dress medium_hair multiple_views original pantyhose red_dress red_flower red_pantyhose shoes simple_background sitting standing white_flower white_hair witch_hat
 1boy artist_request bad_link black_hair commentary_request glasses gnosia goggles green_hair highres jacket jewelry long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus necklace sha-ming shirt short_hair smile solo upper_body zipper
 1girl artist_request bad_link blunt_bangs commentary_request earrings gnosia heart heart_earrings heart_tattoo high_ponytail jewelry long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer nail_polish red_hair smile solo sq_(gnosia) tattoo upper_body
 1boy artist_name artist_request bad_link beluga_whale black_hair glasses gnosia goggles helmet highres jacket jewelry long_sleeves necklace otome_(gnosia) sha-ming shirt short_hair simple_background smile solo space_helmet zipper
 1boy bad_link black_footwear black_gloves bleeding blonde_hair blood blood_from_mouth blood_on_clothes blood_on_face blood_on_hands blood_splatter blood_stain bloody_weapon blue_eyes crossed_legs facing_to_the_side genshin_impact gloves guro holding holding_sword holding_weapon jacket knight looking_down nijiko_(10437772) on_ground pants red_scarf scarf shoulder_plates sleeves_rolled_up sword tartaglia tartaglia_(genshin_impact) weapon white_background white_jacket white_pants

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