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Tag type: General

An image that pays special attention to the scene/landscape, usually favoring it over any characters present. This usually includes all cityscapes, landscapes, etc, but as with all art there are some exceptions. Use your best judgment when tagging.

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 absurdres aldo_dominguez animal_focus beanstalk_wurm blue_sky bridge building cloud commentary company_name day dragon english_commentary fantasy giant giant_monster green_scales highres hill house leaf magic:_the_gathering monster mountainous_horizon no_humans official_art outdoors scales scenery simple_bird sky slit_pupils town yellow_eyes
 absurdres aldo_dominguez blue_sky building cloud commentary copyright_name day english_commentary from_above highres hill house landscape magic:_the_gathering moss mountainous_horizon no_humans official_art outdoors path plant_roots river road rock scenery simple_bird sky tree village
 absurdres aircraft airplane blue_sky cloud contrail cumulonimbus_cloud highres no_humans original paint_splatter scenery sky smile_(qd4nsvik) spill
 1other ambiguous_gender animal_focus antlers archon_of_the_wild_rose artist_name bare_tree chris_rahn commentary covered_face deer english_commentary fantasy feathered_wings field flower flower_field forest highres holding holding_polearm holding_weapon hood hood_up horns leaf looking_at_viewer magic:_the_gathering nature official_art outdoors polearm realistic red_flower red_rose riding riding_animal rose scenery spear thorns tree weapon winged_animal wings
 2others animal_focus armor broken broken_chain chain chain_leash chris_rahn claws cloud column commentary dragon english_commentary fantasy giant giant_monster green_eyes horns leash magic:_the_gathering monster multiple_heads multiple_horns multiple_others night night_sky official_art oil_painting_(medium) open_mouth outdoors painting_(medium) pillar polukranos realistic rock scenery sky star_(sky) starry_sky tail tongue tongue_out traditional_media
 animal_focus blue_sky chris_rahn commentary dinosaur english_commentary forest long_neck magic:_the_gathering meteor_shower mountain nature no_humans official_art oil_painting_(medium) orange_clouds outdoors painting_(medium) pterosaur realistic scenery sky sunset traditional_media tree

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