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機動戦士ガンダム0080 ポケットの中の戦争 Kidō Senshi Gandamu 0080 Poketto no Naka no Sensō or Mobile Suit Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket

A 1989 real robot action drama anime OVA directed by Takayama Fumihiko and written by Yuuki Kyosuke and Yamaga Hiroyuki. The soundtrack was composed by Kashibachi Tetsurou. The characters were designed by Mikimoto_Haruhiko, who also designed the characters for fellow mecha series Macross. The OVAs ran from March 25, 1989 to August 25, 1989. It is a side story set in the Universal Century Timeline of the Gundam franchise.

It is set in UC 0080 during the last days of the One Year War that was covered in the original Gundam anime. Alfred Izuruha is a young boy who lives on the colony of Side 6, which is not involved in the war between the Federation and Zeon. Al has never seen real combat, but is fascinated with the military and especially the mechs that are used during the war. He doesn't take his studies seriously and mostly spends his school life geeking out over the cool mechs and weapons being deployed with his friends.

Al gets to fulfill his dream of being close to the military when he witnesses a battle for the first time on Side 6, and encounters a young Zeon pilot named Bernard Wiseman. While Bernie leaves shortly after they meet, the two of them encounter each other again when Bernie, along with a team of more experienced pilots, is sent on a mission to find and destroy a Gundam stashed away in Side 6. Bernie's team decides to make use of Al, who is all too eager to get involved in the mission, and assigns Bernie to watch over Al as they search for the Gundam. Bernie and Al gradually form a brotherly bond as the two of them go on what to Al seems like a fun adventure. However, as the mission progresses, Al is forced to realize that his innocent and romantic view of war is gravely mistaken. . .

Instead of the epic space opera narrative of most Gundam installments, this OVA opts for a smaller scale story that stars a protagonist who is a complete non-combatant and has a cast of characters who are essentially minor players in the grand Universal Century narrative. It is also the first main Gundam anime to not be written or directed by series creator Tomino Yoshiyuki as well as the franchise's first OVA. However, the signature Gundam themes of the tragedy of war and the gray morality are still present in the story. The OVA is notably the first voice acting role for anime seiyuu Namikawa Daisuke who plays the protagonist Alfred Izuruha.

The series is also represented in Super Robot Wars. Like many of the mecha anime featured in the franchise, the OVA's story is faithfully retold. However, if the player does certain actions, they can essentially change the OVA's ending.


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