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A tag for posts containing a prominent signature, either by the artist, a voice_actor, or a character in-story.

An artist's signature is often dated.

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 1boy absurdres arm_support bare_shoulders beads black_hair blue_eyes blue_flower blue_gemstone blue_hair blue_horns blue_sash chinese_commentary collarbone colored_inner_hair commentary dan_heng_(honkai:_star_rail) dated detached_sleeves dragon dragon_boy dragon_horns earrings eastern_dragon elbow_gloves eyeliner fingerless_gloves floating floating_object flower gem glove_cutout gloves glowing_flower highres honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) horns jewelry light_particles looking_at_viewer lotus makeup male_focus multicolored_hair nnnnnova pointy_ears procreate_(medium) red_eyeliner sash scale_print shirt sideways_glance signature single_earring sleeveless sleeveless_shirt solo spirit white_shirt
 2boys amaurot artist_name black_border black_capelet black_coat black_robe border brown_hair capelet coat detached_collar double_exposure emet-selch epaulettes final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv fur-trimmed_coat fur_trim garlean gloves grey_background hand_up highres hythlodaeus male_focus mask mask_around_neck medium_hair multicolored_hair multiple_boys no_eyes parted_lips purple_eyes purple_hair radoge14 red_sash robe sash short_hair shoulder_sash signature simple_background solo_focus sophist's_robe_(ff14) two-tone_hair unworn_mask upper_body white_gloves
 1boy absurdres arm_up armor black_armor body_armor chinese_commentary commentary crossed_bangs dated double-sided_polearm fighting_stance gauntlets glaive_(polearm) glowing glowing_weapon hair_over_one_eye hair_ribbon high_ponytail highres holding holding_polearm holding_weapon honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) jing_yuan light_particles male_focus mole mole_under_eye nnnnnova one_eye_covered polearm procreate_(medium) red_ribbon ribbon signature solo space star_(sky) weapon white_hair yellow_eyes
 1girl ahoge artist_logo black_collar black_jacket body_markings breasts changli_(wuthering_waves) chromatic_aberration cleavage clenched_hand clothing_cutout collar cowboy_shot dress hair_ornament halterneck hand_up highres jacket large_breasts layered_dress looking_at_viewer lt26 one_eye_closed open_clothes open_jacket red_background red_petals red_ribbon ribbon signature smile solo tacet_mark_(wuthering_waves) underboob_cutout white_background white_dress wuthering_waves yellow_eyes
 1girl ass breasts brown_eyes brown_hair commission dated feet_out_of_frame hair_ribbon highleg highleg_swimsuit highres koume_kaede kurai_mirai large_breasts leaning_forward long_hair multiple_views one-piece_swimsuit pink_ribbon pixiv_commission ponytail ribbon signature simple_background standing swimsuit tachi-e white_background white_one-piece_swimsuit yoo_tenchi
 1girl black_background black_border blonde_hair blood blood_on_chest blush body_fur border breasts commentary_request dungeon_meshi falin_touden falin_touden_(chimera) feathered_wings feathers highres isshiki_(ffmania7) large_wings looking_at_viewer medium_breasts monster_girl open_mouth short_hair signature simple_background slit_pupils solo spoilers talons underboob white_feathers white_fur wings yellow_eyes

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