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When tears are being shed from an open eye or eyes.

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 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bad_id bleeding blood common_raccoon_(kemono_friends) cropped_torso crying crying_with_eyes_open cuts extra_ears fur_collar gloves holding_razor injury jmeysan kemono_friends monochrome open_mouth raccoon_ears razor red_background self-harm self-harm_scar shirt short_hair simple_background smile solo straight_razor tears upper_body wrist_cutting
 1girl animal_ears anklet arm_up back_bow barefoot black_hair black_skin blue_background blue_eyes blue_kimono bow colored_skin crescent_moon crying crying_with_eyes_open final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv floating folding_fan from_side full_body gold_trim gradient_background hand_fan highres holding holding_fan holding_smoking_pipe japanese_clothes jewelry kimono kiseru legs looking_at_viewer mole mole_under_mouth moon multicolored_hair multicolored_skin obi rabbit_ears sash seigaiha shaynesun smoking_pipe solo split-color_hair tears tsukuyomi_(ff14) two-tone_hair two-tone_skin weibo_logo weibo_watermark white_hair wide_sleeves yellow_collar
 1girl acheron_(honkai:_star_rail) asymmetrical_footwear black_choker black_coat black_gloves black_hole black_shorts boots breasts choker cleavage coat coattails crying crying_with_eyes_open detached_sleeves falling_petals gloves hair_over_one_eye highres honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) hyonee long_hair looking_back midriff official_alternate_color official_alternate_hair_color petals red_eyes sheath short_shorts shorts sideboob single_bare_shoulder solo stomach sword tears thigh_boots tree unsheathing weapon white_hair
 1girl :d animal_ears bad_id bad_twitter_id blush bow commentary_request common_raccoon_(kemono_friends) crying crying_with_eyes_open fur_collar gloves hair_between_eyes hands_up highres holding holding_rope imminent_suicide inactive_account jmeysan kemono_friends looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair noose nose_blush open_mouth raccoon_ears red_background red_eyes rope sad_smile shikishi short_hair short_sleeves smile solo speech_bubble tears traditional_media translation_request upper_body
 1girl animal_ears bad_id bad_twitter_id bottle commentary_request common_raccoon_(kemono_friends) crying crying_with_eyes_open fur_collar gloves hair_between_eyes hand_up highres holding holding_bottle inactive_account jmeysan kemono_friends looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair nervous_sweating open_mouth pill_bottle puffy_sleeves raccoon_ears red_background red_eyes shikishi shirt short_hair short_sleeves solo sweat tears upper_body
 1boy 3girls arms_up bare_shoulders bell black_jacket blue_dress blue_eyes blue_gloves brown_hair caelus_(honkai:_star_rail) character_request collarbone collared_dress crying crying_with_eyes_open detached_sleeves dress fingerless_gloves fingernails flower gloves green_hair grey_hair hair_bell hair_between_eyes hair_flower hair_ornament highres honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) hood hooded_jacket jacket lapels long_hair long_sleeves looking_up multiple_girls neck_ribbon ohutun_daisuki open_clothes open_jacket orange_eyes orange_jacket pants pink_background pink_hair ponytail purple_pants red_flower red_ribbon ribbon scared shaded_face shirt short_hair side_ponytail simple_background smile standing sweat t-shirt tears teeth trailblazer_(honkai:_star_rail) twintails two-sided_fabric two-sided_jacket white_shirt yellow_eyes

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