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A lacquer specifically applied to the toenails.

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 1girl ahoge anchor_ornament bare_shoulders bikini blue_footwear blue_hair blue_nails blue_ribbon blush bow bow_bikini braid breasts closed_mouth collarbone colored_inner_hair commentary_request double_v drill_hair feet feet_up fingernails frilled_bikini frills full_body gradient-tinted_eyewear grey-framed_eyewear hair_ribbon halterneck heart heart-shaped_eyewear highres hololive kurono_yuzuko large_breasts light_blue_hair long_hair looking_at_viewer minato_aqua multicolored_hair nail_polish navel o-ring o-ring_bikini o-ring_top one_eye_closed pink-tinted_eyewear pink_eyes pink_hair purple-tinted_eyewear ribbon side-tie_bikini_bottom simple_background smile solo standing standing_on_one_leg stomach streaked_hair string_bikini sunglasses swimsuit thighs tinted_eyewear toenail_polish toenails toes twin_drills two-tone_hair v virtual_youtuber white_background white_bikini
 1girl 3d absurdres ass bare_shoulders breasts cleavage cleft_of_venus clothing_aside detached_sleeves feet fortnite headgear highres knee_up legs long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts nail_polish navel nipples no_shoes nude panties panties_aside pole pole_dancing princess_lexa pussy red_eyes solo solo_focus stripper_pole tetra_3d thighhighs thighs toeless_legwear toenail_polish toenails toes underwear white_hair
 1boy animal animal_ears ankle_ribbon falling_petals floating_hair floral_print_kimono flower_hairtie from_side full_body highres holding holding_animal hood hoodie japanese_clothes kemonomimi_mode kimono layered_legwear leg_ribbon male_focus nail_polish nanase_(nanataroo_7) noses_touching open_hands original petals pink_hair pink_kimono profile rabbit_ears ribbon short_kimono toenail_polish toenails trap two-handed white_rabbit_(animal)
 1boy 1girl age_difference ball bishounen black_nails bow child food fruit fruit_background full_body furisode geta grey_background grey_pants hair_bow hairband highres holding holding_food holding_fruit japanese_clothes kimono kimono_on_shoulders nail_polish nanase_(nanataroo_7) orange_eyes original pants parted_lips red_hairband royal_ease sitting sitting_on_lap sitting_on_person temari_ball three_quarter_view toenail_polish toenails white_hair yukata
 1girl applying_pedicure bangboo_(zenless_zone_zero) bed black_choker black_hair black_shirt choker closed_mouth collared_shirt colored_inner_hair day earclip ellen_joe feet fins fish_tail floor from_side highres holding holding_feet indoors knee_up looking_ahead multicolored_hair nail_polish nail_polish_bottle official_alternate_costume on_floor painting_toenails pleated_skirt raccoon red_eyes red_hair red_nails school_uniform shark_girl shark_tail sharkboo_(zenless_zone_zero) shirt short_hair single_barefoot sitting skirt sleeves_rolled_up soles solo stuffed_animal stuffed_raccoon stuffed_toy sunlight taiju_(gr09kuma) tail toenail_polish toenails toes two-tone_hair white_shirt window_shadow wooden_floor zenless_zone_zero
 2girls bikini bikini_bottom_aside bikini_pull bikini_top_only black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blush breasts clothes_pull clothing_aside cream cream_on_body cream_on_breasts cream_on_face cream_on_feet cream_on_leg crossed_legs dragon_ball dragonball_z earrings erasa_(dragon_ball) feet food food_on_face holding holding_food holding_ice_cream holding_with_feet ice_cream jewelry large_areolae large_breasts legs_on_another's_leg long_hair looking_at_viewer lying medium_breasts melting_popsicle moonxel multiple_girls nail_polish navel on_back pubic_hair short_hair sweat swimsuit thong_bikini toenail_polish toenails toes_up twintails very_long_hair videl

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