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a skirt which is mostly or entirely red in color

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 2girls black_choker black_nails black_shirt blue_eyes blue_jacket blush brown_coat brown_hair chinese_commentary choker choker_pull coat commentary_request girls_band_cry grey_eyes hair_between_eyes highres hood hood_down hooded_jacket iseri_nina jacket kawaragi_momoka light_brown_hair long_hair long_sleeves low_twintails midriff multicolored_hair multiple_girls nail_polish open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pingke_box pleated_skirt red_skirt roots_(hair) shirt short_hair short_twintails simple_background sitting sitting_on_lap sitting_on_person skirt sweatdrop tongue tongue_out twintails white_shirt yellow_background yuri
 6+girls :t ^_^ ahoge akamatsu_kaede ando_ruruka apron back_bow backpack bag beanie bear_hair_ornament black-framed_eyewear black_eyes black_jacket black_pantyhose black_shirt black_skirt black_socks black_thighhighs blazer blonde_hair blue_dress blue_gemstone blue_hair blue_jacket blue_sailor_collar blue_skirt blunt_bangs blunt_ends bow bow_button bowtie braid breasts brooch brown_hair brown_necktie cake cake_slice camera chewing chibi cleavage closed_eyes closed_mouth coat collared_dress collared_shirt commentary_request covering_own_mouth crossed_arms crown_braid danganronpa:_trigger_happy_havoc danganronpa_(series) danganronpa_2:_goodbye_despair danganronpa_3_(anime) danganronpa_v3:_killing_harmony dark-skinned_female dark_skin dress earrings eating enoshima_junko eyelashes floral_background flying_sweatdrops food fortissimo freckles frilled_apron frills fruit fukawa_toko fur-trimmed_hood fur_trim furrowed_brow gem glasses green_bow green_skirt green_vest grey_hair grey_sailor_collar grey_skirt hair_bow hair_ornament hair_ribbon hair_scrunchie hairclip hand_on_own_arm hand_on_own_chin harukawa_maki hat heart high_ponytail holding holding_camera holding_food hood hood_down hooded_coat jacket jewelry kirigiri_kyoko kneehighs koizumi_mahiru large_breasts light_blush long_dress long_hair long_skirt long_sleeves looking_at_another low_twin_braids low_twintails lying maizono_sayaka messy_hair miniskirt mole mole_under_eye mole_under_mouth multiple_girls musical_note musical_note_hair_ornament musical_note_print nanami_chiaki neckerchief necktie nervous_smile no_shoes o3o on_stomach one_eye_closed open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth orange_necktie outstretched_arm owari_akane pale_skin pantyhose pekoyama_peko pink_apron pink_background pink_bow pink_bowtie pink_coat pink_hair pink_vest plaid plaid_necktie plaid_skirt playing_with_own_hair pleated_skirt pom_pom_(clothes) pom_pom_beanie pout purple_hair purple_jacket purple_serafuku purple_shirt purple_skirt red_bow red_bowtie red_hair red_neckerchief red_necktie red_scrunchie red_shirt red_skirt red_thighhighs ribbon round_eyewear sailor_collar school_uniform scrunchie seiza serafuku shirt short_sleeves simple_background single_braid sitting skirt skirt_set sleeves_past_elbows smile socks solid_circle_eyes solid_oval_eyes sonia_nevermind straight_hair strawberry strawberry_shortcake stud_earrings sweatdrop thighhighs thinking twin_braids twintails v-neck v-shaped_eyebrows very_long_hair vest wavy_mouth white_bag white_bow white_ribbon white_shirt white_socks white_thighhighs yellow_hat yukizome_chisa yumaru_(marumarumaru) zipper zipper_pull_tab
 1girl ascot blue_sky bow brown_hair chest_sarashi closed_mouth cloud commentary_request day detached_sleeves falling_petals frilled_bow frilled_hair_tubes frills gohei hair_bow hair_tubes hakurei_reimu holding holding_gohei kinese_(katasutorohu) long_hair looking_at_viewer petals pink_petals red_bow red_skirt sarashi shoes skirt skirt_set sky smile socks solo touhou white_socks yellow_ascot
 2girls amano_harusame bag black_skirt blazer bow bra bra_visible_through_clothes breast_rest breasts breasts_on_head brown_eyes brown_footwear brown_hair button_gap cardigan commentary_request edoya_pochi gradient_background grey_jacket hair_ribbon hat_ornament highres holding_hands huge_breasts interlocked_fingers jacket kamiyama-san_no_kamibukuro_no_naka_niha kamiyama_samidare looking_at_viewer multiple_girls open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth paper_bag pink_bra pink_cardigan red_bow red_skirt ribbon skirt small_breasts star_(symbol) star_hat_ornament teeth underwear upper_teeth_only white_background yellow_ribbon
 1girl ;d amano_harusame arm_between_legs black_hat black_thighhighs blush breasts brown_hair character_name collarbone commentary_request edoya_pochi hair_ribbon hat jacket jewelry kamiyama-san_no_kamibukuro_no_naka_niha long_hair necklace off_shoulder one_eye_closed open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth pink_background pink_jacket plaid plaid_skirt red_eyes red_skirt ribbon shirt skirt small_breasts smile solo star_(symbol) teeth thighhighs upper_teeth_only w white_shirt yellow_ribbon
 1girl bear_hair_ornament between_fingers black_shirt blood blue_eyes blush brown_hair closed_mouth crossed_legs crown danganronpa:_trigger_happy_havoc danganronpa_(series) enoshima_junko fingernails flower hair_ornament highres holding holding_flower leaning long_hair miniskirt monokuma nail_polish pink_blood plaid plaid_skirt pleated_skirt red_nails red_skirt rose shirt short_sleeves skirt smile solo spikes wavy_hair white_flower white_rose white_shirt zhanghuaimin05516

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