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 2girls absurdres ahoge anniversary arm_guards armband balloon belt black_belt black_footwear black_gloves black_jacket blue_eyes blue_hair blue_headwear blue_sky buttons chain closed_mouth collared_shirt confetti dual_persona english_text facial_mark fishnet_thighhighs fishnets frilled_skirt frills gloves heart_balloon highres jacket kneehighs layered_skirt legwear_garter long_hair long_sleeves low_twintails multiple_girls musical_note necktie off_shoulder ok_sign open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth orange_trim otomachi_una otomachi_una_(spicy) otomachi_una_(sugar) outdoors partially_fingerless_gloves pink_skirt pink_thighhighs pink_trim red_necktie sailor_collar shirt short_sleeves single_thighhigh skirt sky sleeves_past_elbows socks striped_clothes striped_thighhighs suiso_sn3 teeth thighhighs twintails upper_teeth_only v-shaped_eyebrows vocaloid white_sailor_collar white_skirt white_socks white_thighhighs
 1girl 2boys assault_rifle blonde_hair boots brown_hair carbine colt's_manufacturing_company colt_commando colt_commando_xm177 english_text gloves gun handgun hat jacket japanese_text john_connor lever-action_shotgun long_hair looking_at_viewer m16 multiple_boys muta_koji pistol ponytail rifle sarah_connor sawed-off_shotgun short-barreled_rifle short_hair shotgun story_time sunglasses suppressor t-800 terminator_(series) terminator_2:_judgment_day translation_request weapon weapon_focus winchester_model_1887 winchester_repeating_arms_company
 1girl animal_ear_fluff animal_ears bdsm blue_hair blush bondage bound breasts cat_ears cat_girl cat_tail chocolate chocolate_on_body collar cuffs dated english_text fang flying_sweatdrops food_on_body hair_ornament hairclip happy_valentine highres light_blue_hair name_tag one-piece_swimsuit open_mouth original pink_background red_eyes sitting small_breasts solo spread_legs stealthwriter swimsuit tail thighhighs twitter_username white_one-piece_swimsuit white_thighhighs
 2girls androgynous apron black_nails blunt_bangs blush cd_case collared_shirt commentary ear_piercing earrings english_commentary english_text green_background green_eyes highres hood hood_up hoodie hoop_earrings jewelry junnie kininatteru_hito_ga_otoko_ja_nakatta koga_mitsuki long_hair looking_at_another mask mouth_mask multiple_girls necklace oosawa_aya partially_colored piercing scrunchie shirt short_sleeves speech_bubble spot_color sweater_vest talking upper_body white_background wrist_scrunchie
 1girl :d animal_hood black_gloves black_skirt blush candy commentary_request english_text feet_out_of_frame fingerless_gloves food gloves hand_up highres holding holding_candy holding_food holding_lollipop hood hood_up hoodie keyboard_(computer) lollipop long_sleeves looking_at_viewer monitor ootori_emu open_mouth pantyhose pink_hair project_sekai puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves purple_eyes purple_pantyhose skirt smile solo v-shaped_eyebrows white_hoodie yomogi_(becr)
1boy boots colt's_manufacturing_company english_text gloves gun handgun jacket japanese_text looking_at_viewer m1911 muta_koji pistol red_eyes robot short_hair story_time sunglasses t-800 terminator_(series) terminator_2:_judgment_day translation_request weapon weapon_focus

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