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An image depicting 2 ambiguously or non-gendered characters.

Dolls only count if they act on their own.

Depictions of characters on paintings etc don't count unless it plays a major role in the work.

If the presence of a character is only implicated it doesn't count.

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 2others absurdres ahoge armband bear_paws_(e.g.o) black_eyes black_gloves black_hair black_pants blue_coat chinese_text coat e.g.o_(project_moon) employee_(project_moon) eye_hair_ornament gloves gun highres lamp_(e.g.o) lob_juice lobotomy_corporation long_sleeves magic_bullet_(e.g.o) medium_hair multiple_others pants project_moon rifle simple_background single_wing speech_bubble translation_request weapon white_background wings
 1girl 2others apartment battle black_gloves black_hair black_pants blue_footwear blue_jacket chain-link_fence cityscape closed_mouth commentary cropped_jacket ethereal_(zenless_zone_zero) fence glint gloves gun high-waist_pants high_ponytail highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon jacket kicking long_sleeves looking_at_viewer metal_hairband multicolored_hair multiple_others open_clothes open_jacket outdoors pants ponytail qys3 railing red_eyes red_hair solo_focus streaked_hair tight_clothes tight_pants two-tone_hair weapon zenless_zone_zero zhu_yuan
 2023 2others androgynous animal_ears apron bandaid bandaid_on_cheek bandaid_on_face bandaid_on_leg basilew6 behind_another black_shirt black_shorts blonde_hair bright_pupils closed_mouth cowboy_shot crossed_bandaids dated fork frilled_apron frills frown gradient_background halo highres holding holding_fork maid multiple_others original other_focus oversized_object pink_hair shirt short_sleeves shorts signature standing star-shaped_pupils star_(symbol) symbol-shaped_pupils tail v-shaped_eyebrows waist_apron white_apron white_pupils wide_sleeves
 1boy 2girls 2others axe basilew6 blood blood_bag blush_stickers deformed doodle_inset dot_nose fold-over_boots ghost green_eyes green_hair grid_background hair_ornament halo happy_halloween heart heterochromia highres holding holding_scissors holding_syringe limited_palette matching_outfits multiple_girls multiple_others original outline paw_shoes pink_eyes pink_outline purple_eyes scissors short_hair smear_frame syringe tail v-shaped_eyebrows white_hair x_hair_ornament
 1girl 2others :t absurdres air_conditioner asymmetrical_legwear black_footwear black_hat eating eyewear_on_head facial_mark forehead_mark from_below goggles green_eyes green_hair green_horns hand_rest hand_up hat highres horns knees_together_feet_apart long_sleeves mark_under_both_eyes minase_bei mismatched_legwear multicolored_hair multiple_others original pigeon-toed see-through_horns shoes sitting solo_focus three_quarter_view two-tone_hair utility_pole white_hair wide_sleeves
 2others abstract absurdres ahad cape circle cloud crescent_moon facing_another giant glowing glowing_eyes glowing_weapon highres holding holding_sword holding_weapon horns long_horns moon multiple_others nature night night_sky original outdoors size_difference sky standing star_(sky) starry_sky sword weapon white_cape wide_shot

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