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Tag type: General

Someone is holding a poke_ball of any type.

This often happens when pokemon_trainers, with fighting_stance-like poses, are ready to call out a member of their team for a battle.

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 1boy blue_shirt close-up closed_mouth collared_shirt commentary_request creatures_(company) crossed_bangs game_freak gloves hair_between_eyes hairband hand_up hattsuman holding holding_poke_ball jacket kieran_(pokemon) looking_at_viewer male_focus mole mole_on_neck necktie nintendo poke_ball poke_ball_(basic) pokemon pokemon_sv purple_hair red_gloves red_necktie shirt solo white_jacket yellow_eyes yellow_hairband
 1girl :3 arrow_(symbol) arrow_through_heart blue_eyes bow bracelet breasts character_name commentary_request cowboy_shot creatures_(company) drill_hair dynamax_band english_text flipped_hair game_freak gloves hair_bow hair_ornament hairband heart holding holding_poke_ball index_finger_raised jacket jewelry katsu_(katsupainter) klara_(pokemon) long_sleeves looking_at_viewer makeup medium_breasts mole mole_under_mouth nail_polish nintendo open_clothes open_jacket partially_fingerless_gloves pink_nails poke_ball poke_ball_(basic) pokemon pokemon_swsh print_shirt print_shorts print_thighhighs purple_eyes ring shaded_face shirt short_hair short_shorts shorts side_slit side_slit_shorts single_glove solo thighhighs twin_drills white_bow white_hairband wristband
 bag colored_skin creatures_(company) game_freak gen_3_pokemon green_hair hair_over_eyes hand_on_own_hip holding holding_poke_ball horns kirlia leg_warmers looking_at_viewer minashirazu nintendo open_mouth pink_eyes pleated_skirt poke_ball pokemon pokemon_(creature) ralts school_uniform serafuku shirt shoulder_bag sidelocks skirt smirk white_shirt white_skin
 1girl absurdres armlet artist_name ass black_hair blue_eyes blue_eyeshadow blue_hair commentary creatures_(company) crop_top dark-skinned_female dark_skin earrings eyeshadow game_freak gloves hair_bun highres holding holding_poke_ball hoop_earrings jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_back makeup multicolored_hair nessa_(pokemon) nintendo poke_ball poke_ball_(basic) pokemon pokemon_swsh single_glove single_hair_bun solo touyarokii two-tone_hair
 1girl 2boys arm_up barry_(pokemon) beanie beret bird black_eyes black_hair black_pants blonde_hair blue_coat boots coat commentary_request creatures_(company) dawn_(pokemon) empoleon fiery_hair game_freak gen_4_pokemon green_scarf grey_pants hair_ornament hairclip hat highres holding holding_poke_ball infernape jumping long_hair long_sleeves lucas_(pokemon) monkey multiple_boys nintendo open_clothes open_coat open_mouth orange_eyes orange_shirt over-kneehighs pants penguin pink_footwear pointing poke_ball poke_ball_(basic) pokemon pokemon_(creature) pokemon_dppt pokemon_platinum red_coat red_hat red_shirt sawarabi_(sawarabi725) scarf shirt short_hair sidelocks striped_clothes striped_shirt thighhighs torterra tree turtle white_hat white_scarf white_thighhighs
 1girl aoshii blue_hair breasts creatures_(company) game_freak gigantic_breasts holding holding_poke_ball iono_(pokemon) long_hair multicolored_hair nintendo pink_hair poke_ball pokemon pokemon_sv sharp_teeth solo teeth two-tone_hair

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