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A cloak is a type of loose garment that is worn over indoor clothing and serves the same purpose as an overcoat; it protects the wearer from the cold, rain or wind for example, or it may form part of a fashionable outfit or uniform. Cloaks are as old as human history; there has nearly always been some form of long, unstructured outer garment used to protect people from the weather. Over time cloak designs have been changed to match current styles and textile needs.

Cloaks generally fasten at the neck or over the shoulder, vary in length, from hip all the way down to the ankle, mid-calf being the normal length. They may have an attached hood, and may cover and fasten down the front, in which case they have holes or slits for the hands to pass through. However, cloaks are almost always sleeveless.

See also: cape

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 1girl armor berserk blue_background brown_hair casca_(berserk) cloak closed_mouth corrupted_twitter_file dark-skinned_female dark_skin eyelashes floral_background flower hashtag-only_commentary highres light_smile lips looking_at_viewer nisino2222 portrait red_cloak short_hair solo yellow_flower
 1girl absurdres aged_up ben_10 cloak commission green_eyes gwen_tennyson highres hood hood_down hooded_cloak long_sleeves obarii orange_hair short_hair solo twitter_username watermark
 1boy 1girl alternate_species berserk blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_sky blunt_bangs braid brother_and_sister cloak closed_mouth commentary corrupted_twitter_file cosplay earrings english_commentary eyelashes farnese_(berserk) floating_hair flower frieren frieren_(cosplay) grey_hair highres himmel_(sousou_no_frieren) himmel_(sousou_no_frieren)_(cosplay) holding holding_flower jewelry light_smile lips looking_ahead nisino2222 pointy_ears portrait profile serpico_(berserk) short_hair siblings simple_background sky solo_focus sousou_no_frieren twintails wind
 1boy armor beard berserk blue_hair boots cloak cosplay duster eisen_(sousou_no_frieren) eisen_(sousou_no_frieren)_(cosplay) facial_hair facing_viewer fairy full_body grey_background highres holding holding_duster long_beard nisino2222 outstretched_arm pauldrons puck_(berserk) red_cloak shoulder_armor simple_background solo sousou_no_frieren spiked_hair standing
 1boy 3boys alternate_species armor brick_wall chainmail cloak crossed_arms dark-skinned_male dark_skin dungeon_meshi dwarf elf gorget greyscale hand_up hc1l_627 height_difference highres hood hood_down hooded_cloak kabru kabru_(elf) laios_touden laios_touden_(dwarf) layered_sleeves leather_armor long_sleeves looking_at_viewer male_focus mithrun mithrun_(tallman) monochrome multiple_boys notched_ear one_eye_closed outside_border pauldrons plate_armor pointy_ears short_hair short_over_long_sleeves short_sleeves shoulder_armor single_pauldron sleeves_past_wrists smile tunic twitter_username uniform upper_body vambraces
 ... 3boys animal black_fur black_hair black_pants black_shirt blue_coat boots brown_footwear cait_sith_(ff7) cape cat chibi clawed_gauntlets cloak coat cropped_legs crown facial_hair final_fantasy final_fantasy_vii final_fantasy_vii_rebirth final_fantasy_vii_remake gloves goatee grey_eyes hair_between_eyes headband holding holding_animal holding_cat male_focus medium_hair mini_crown multiple_boys nitoya_00630a pants parted_bangs red_cape red_cloak red_eyes red_headband reeve_tuesti shirt spoken_ellipsis sweatdrop two-tone_fur white_background white_fur white_gloves

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