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A series of highly popular and acclaimed video games by Nintendo, featuring Nintendo's mascot Mario and, in many games, his brother Luigi and his best friend Yoshi. Gameplay in the series often centers around jumping on and defeating enemies. The games usually feature simple plots; the most common theme is that of Bowser, the primary antagonist, kidnapping Princess Peach, whom Mario saves. Despite the plots usually being very simple, the Mario role-playing games tend to have deeper plots, often involving enemies other than Bowser (many of which involve Bowser actually teaming up with Mario), with aspirations for world domination. Mario and friends have been featured in 200 games, and the series has sold over 200 million copies total, making it the best-selling video game series of all time.


Human (Human-like)

Rosalina (Rosetta_(Mario))


Bowser (Koopa)
Bowser_Jr. (Koopa Jr.)
Hammer Bros. (hammer_brothers)



Donkey Kong (donkey_kong_(game)) (1981)
Mario_Bros. (1983)
Super_Mario_Bros. (1985)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)
Super_Mario_World (1991)
Super_Mario_64 (1996)
Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Super_Mario_Galaxy (2007)
Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
Super_Mario_3D_World (2013)


Mario_Kart (1992)
Super_Mario_RPG (1996)
Super_Smash_Bros. (1999)
Paper_Mario (2001)
Luigi's_Mansion (2001)
WarioWare (2003)

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1boy blue_eyes brown_hair facial_hair full_body gloves hat instrument male_focus mario mario_(series) musical_note mustache nintendo official_art overalls saxophone super_mario_world
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 1boy 1girl 2020 autumn blue_overalls bob-omb bobby_(paper_mario) brown_footwear brown_hair closed_eyes commentary_request copyright_name dated dated_commentary dress facial_hair falling_leaves floating from_above gloves hat leaf looking_at_another mario mario_(series) mustache nikki_kyousuke nintendo olivia_(paper_mario) origami outdoors overalls paper paper_mario paper_mario:_the_origami_king red_hat red_shirt shadow shirt solid_oval_eyes walking white_gloves winding_key yellow_dress yellow_hat
 :d absurdres apple arm_up baby baby_mario baby_yoshi banana birdo bone boshi_(super_mario_rpg) breath_weapon breathing_fire broom broom_riding brown_hair bubble bush character_request checkerboard_cookie climbing closed_mouth cloud coconut coconut_tree commentary cookie copyright_request crescent_moon croco_(super_mario_rpg) dino_piranha_(mario) draglet drooling egg english_commentary fangs feathered_wings fire fireball floating_island flower flying food fruit galoomba glasses glowing gradient_sky grapes hat heart highres huffin_puffin koopa_paratroopa licking_lips long_tongue looking_at_viewer looking_back lying mario mario_&_luigi:_partners_in_time mario_&_luigi_rpg mario_(series) melon moon moon_with_face muzyoshi nep-enut night night_sky nintendo nose_bubble on_stomach open_mouth outdoors palm_tree panel_de_pon pink_flower plant plessie poochy_(yoshi's_island) purple_sky red_hat rex_(super_mario_world) riding saliva scared scenery sharp_teeth shine_sprite short_hair shy_guy sign sitting sky sleeping smile speech_bubble spoken_heart star_(sky) star_(symbol) starry_sky super_happy_tree super_mario_3d_land super_mario_3d_world super_mario_galaxy_2 super_mario_rpg super_mario_sunshine super_mario_world super_mario_world_2:_yoshi's_island teeth thick_eyebrows thumbprint_cookie tongue tongue_out tree v-shaped_eyebrows vines volcano warp_pipe watermelon waving white_flower white_wings wide-eyed wings yellow_flower yoob yoshi yoshi's_story yoshi's_woolly_world yoshi_egg zzz

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