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VOCALOID is a DTM (Desktop Music) singing synthesizer engine developed by Yamaha. The Vocaloid project started in 2000 and was formed by Kenmochi Hideki who worked with a team at Pompeu Fabra University in Spain. The first Vocaloids, Leon and Lola, were released on January 15, 2004. English and Japanese Vocaloids were being developed at the same time. The studio Crypton Future Media released their first Vocaloid program Meiko in the same year. The Vocaloid software was successful enough to justify the production of a successor, the Vocaloid2, which was released on June 29, 2007 and is also the software that the most iconic Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, was developed with. The release of Vocaloid 2 was immensely successful and was when the Vocaloid program became a cultural phenomenon. The Vocaloid3 was released on October 21, 2011 and expanded the amount of language voice banks, including Korean, Chinese, and Spanish alongside English and Japanese. There are various developers who create voice model packages using the engine. The packages from Crypton Future Media are, by far, the most popular. After Crypton began creating mascot characters for their packages, it became standard for Vocaloid packages to be personified into characters by either the developers or the fans.

Sweet Ann, Prima, Sonika, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin/Len, Megurine Luka, Kamui Gakupo, and Gumi are created using the second generation Vocaloid2 engine and offer much improved quality and functionality.

List of tagged Vocaloids

From Crypton Future Media:

* Meiko
* Kaito
* Hatsune_Miku
* Kagamine_Rin
* Kagamine_Len
* Megurine_Luka

From Internet Co:

* Kamui_Gakupo
* Gumi
* lily_(vocaloid)|Lily
* Gachapoid

From AHS Co. (AH-Software):

* Miki
* Kaai_Yuki
* Hiyama_Kiyoteru
* Nekomura_Iroha
* Yuzuki_Yukari
* Galaco offered in Vocaloid Shop competition

From Yamaha:

* VY1
* Hibiki_Lui
* Ring_Suzune
* Mew_(Vocaloid)
* Cyber_Diva

From Sony:

* Utatane_Piko

From ZERO-G:

* leon_(vocaloid)|Leon
* lola_(vocaloid)|Lola
* Miriam
* Prima
* Sonika
* Tonio

From PowerFX:

* Sweet_Ann
* Big_Al

List of characters inspired by Vocaloid:

* Kasane_Teto
* Voyakiloid
* Macloid
* FL-chan (FLStudio)
* Acme_Iku (Maidloid)
* Kiyone_Suzu
* Tonarine_Sai (Human Vocaloid)

From Studio Deen
* Aoki_Lapis
* Merli

From ExitTunes
* Mayu_(Vocaloid)

From Ki/oon
* Utatane_Piko

From Lawson
* Akikoloid-chan

From MoeJapan
* Tone_Rion

From 1st Place

From SBS Artech
*SeeU Korean Vocaloid

From VoctroLabs Spanish Vocaloids

From Shanghai He Nian Vocaloid China

It is unknown if the below Chinese Vocaloids will become official ones, but they are considered to be part of the China Vocaloid project. As of now, they are concept characters.

Vocaloid China Concept Characters

Popular Fan Made Characters These are derived from pre-existing Vocaloids.
*Yowane_Haku a Voyakiloid based off of Miku
*Akita_Neru originated from trolling incident.
*Sakine_Meiko younger Meiko

See also

* List_of_Vocaloid_Songs
* Project_Diva
* Project_Diva_2nd
* Vocaloid_Append
* Voiceroid

There is no real Vocaloid canon; as it is fundamentally a music creation program, all of the Vocaloids can be anything the artist/composer/video maker wants them to be. Vocaloids have been incredibly successful and Hatsune Miku in particular, has reached the level of virtual celebrity, and has actually held concerts! The enormous popularity of the program has also led to proliferation of other Vocaloids made by various companies and artists. There are also more and more non-Japanese Vocaloids as well. There is also the animation program MMD (Miku Miku Dance) where creators can use models of Vocaloids and many non Vocaloid character models to make videos.

There is a comedic manga titled Hatsune Mix, but again, the events depicted in the manga aren't considered Vocaloid 'canon.'

The program has received rhythm video game adaptations known as the Project Diva series. The player must match the notes/symbols that appear on the screen. For the soundtrack, the games include a selection of some of the most popular original Vocaloid songs which are accompanied by a 3d animation/music video.

The Vocaloids have also made appearances in other works, often as cameos, but there are works in which they play a larger role like the 7th Dragon series where Miku sings quite a few songs on the soundtrack and is an actual character in the games and Idolmaster 2 where Miku is a playable character.

The Vocaloids, particularly Miku, have been used by companies like Toyota and Family Mart to help advertise their products.

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List of Appearances of Vocaloids in Other Media:

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