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Pokemon #654. Evolves from Fennekin and evolves into Delphox.

Braixen is a bipedal, fox-like Pokémon. The fur above its waist is yellow and white, while the fur below is black. It has red_eyes and a large, yellow tail with a red tip. It can be of either gender.

A Shiny Braixen's only difference is purple fur in place of the usual yellow.

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blush braixen claws closed_mouth creatures_(company) dewott fang fire floragato frown furry game_freak gen_5_pokemon gen_6_pokemon grass holding illustrattyako nintendo open_mouth orange_eyes pink_eyes pokemon pokemon_(creature) scarf seashell shell standing stick water whiskers
braixen closed_mouth creatures_(company) cuteskitty dated fennekin furry game_freak gen_6_pokemon nintendo orange_eyes pokemon pokemon_(creature) signature smile stick transparent_background
braixen claws closed_mouth combusken creatures_(company) dated eldrige fire furry game_freak gen_3_pokemon gen_6_pokemon kicking legs nintendo orange_eyes pokemon pokemon_(creature) signature simple_background slit_pupils smile standing stick
braixen charmeleon claws closed_eyes closed_mouth creatures_(company) dated eldrige fire game_freak gen_1_pokemon gen_6_pokemon grass nintendo open_mouth orange_eyes pawpads pokemon pokemon_(creature) signature sitting smile snow snowball stick tree
animal_ears braixen creatures_(company) eyelashes fang fox_ears fox_tail furry game_freak gen_6_pokemon nintendo one_eye_closed open_mouth orange_eyes orange_fur pkbunny pokemon pokemon_(creature) smile stick tail white_fur yellow_fur
 blush braixen closed_mouth creatures_(company) flower game_freak gen_5_pokemon gen_6_pokemon grass grey_hair holding kechon-san kneeling minccino nintendo no_humans orange_eyes pokemon pokemon_(creature) smile stick

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