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The "Shoutoku Taoist". Stage 6 boss of the 13th Touhou game, Ten_Desires, and later a playable character in Hopeless_Masquerade and Urban_Legend_In_Limbo in which she dons a cape.

Toyosatomimi no Miko's name comes from an alias of Prince Shoutoku (Shoutoku_Taishi) [1] within the Nihon Shoki: Toyosatomimi (豊聡耳 lit. "abundant, clever ears"/"wealthy intelligent ears"); Miko (神子 lit. "god's child") is usually used with pretty much the exact same meaning (but less common) as "Shrine Maiden" when it is written as "miko" (巫女).

She wears earmuffs (which are sometimes depicted as headphones), has a pointy_hairstyle, holds a ritual_baton, and carries a sword. Japanese fans assume it is 七星剣 (Shichi-sei Ken, Big Dipper Sword) [2], one of Shoutoku_Taishi's two famous swords. Its design was influenced by Taoism.

NOTE: Please tag Miko's head accessory as earmuffs unless the artist is intentionally trying to depict them as headphones.

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