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Art works drawn predominantly in one or two colors. Some tags like manga and doujinshi are in most cases monochrome, but there is no implication because some can have color. If the image has a range of colors but appears grayed out or washed out, see muted_color and pale_color.

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 1boy boots dungeon_meshi elf hair_over_one_eye holding holding_reins horseback_riding kabe_piko long_sleeves male_focus mandarin_collar mithrun monochrome pointy_ears puffy_sleeves reins riding saddle short_hair solo stirrups_(riding) thigh_boots unicorn vest
 1boy 2girls alternate_hairstyle bags_under_eyes blush braid braided_bun choker crown_braid dungeon_meshi elf hair_bun hair_over_one_eye hair_ribbon hand_mirror highres holding holding_mirror kabe_piko long_hair looking_at_mirror mandarin_collar marcille_donato medium_hair mirror mithrun monochrome multiple_girls notched_ear one_eye_closed pattadol pointy_ears puffy_sleeves ribbon shirt sweatdrop translated
 1girl blunt_bangs breasts check_commentary commentary_request commission crescent crescent_hair_ornament dress from_below hair_ornament hat highres large_breasts looking_at_viewer mob_cap monochrome open_hand open_mouth patchouli_knowledge reaching reaching_towards_viewer skeb_commission sketch solo striped_clothes striped_dress touhou vertical-striped_clothes vertical-striped_dress wide_sleeves yosshy
 2boys after_kiss arm_wrap aventurine_(anan)_(honkai:_star_rail) aventurine_(honkai:_star_rail) bed_sheet blush crying dr._ratio_(honkai:_star_rail) highres honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) inori_(inouria4) midriff_peek monochrome multiple_boys neck_tattoo open_clothes open_shirt pajamas pillow saliva saliva_trail short_hair sweat tattoo tears tongue yaoi yukadon
 2boys alto_(lullaby_of_the_dawn) before_and_after black_hair braid child closed_eyes commentary_request dangle_earrings earrings elva_(lullaby_of_the_dawn) frown gradient_skin greyscale height_chart height_difference hug hug_from_behind jewelry long_hair looking_at_another lullaby_of_the_dawn male_focus monochrome multiple_boys sash short_hair signature single_braid smile standing standing_on_one_leg tunic white_background white_hair yaoi yuno_ichikawa
 1girl buttons commentary_request cowboy_shot double-breasted elbow_gloves fingerless_gloves gauntlets gloves greyscale kantai_collection looking_at_viewer monochrome neckerchief pleated_skirt scarf sendai_(kancolle) simple_background skirt smile solo standing task_(s_task80) two_side_up

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