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A sky which is blue.

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 1boy :d angry blue_skin blue_sky cloud colored_skin day final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv food grass hammer highres holding holding_hammer kine mallet minotaur mochi mochitsuki official_art okamoto_koudai open_mouth outdoors roegadyn running signature sky smile tree
 1girl absurdres alternate_costume bicycle bike_shorts black_shorts blue_sky blush breasts cleavage collarbone cycling_uniform fate/grand_order fate_(series) forehead grin highres large_breasts len_(hand_linke) long_hair looking_at_viewer medusa_(fate) medusa_(rider)_(fate) parted_bangs purple_eyes purple_hair short_sleeves shorts sidelocks sky smile solo sports_sunglasses sunglasses very_long_hair
 1girl absurdres bare_shoulders beach blue_one-piece_swimsuit blue_sky blunt_bangs blurry blurry_background blush bow breasts brown_eyes brown_hair closed_mouth cloud collarbone covered_navel cowboy_shot day dot_nose glasses hair_bow hair_ribbon hand_on_own_hip hand_up highres idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls idolmaster_cinderella_girls_starlight_stage ikebukuro_akiha lens_flare long_hair looking_at_viewer ocean one-piece_swimsuit outdoors palm_tree pink-framed_eyewear rainbow_gradient red_ribbon ribbon semi-rimless_eyewear signature sky small_breasts smile solo sparkle standing swimsuit swimsuit_skirt tree twintails under-rim_eyewear v wet yukinuno
 3girls :o balloon bird black_skirt blue_eyes blue_sky breasts chicken cleavage clothes_around_waist creature final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv from_side garter_straps giant_tree grey_pants hat highres house jacket jacket_around_waist jihli_aliapoh lalafell lamppost long_hair looking_at_viewer looking_to_the_side masayoshi_inoue miniskirt miqo'te multiple_girls official_art open_mouth outdoors pants red_hair running shirt skirt sky striped striped_thighhighs suspenders thighhighs tree viera white_shirt
 1girl beach black_hair blue_archive blue_sky blush braid braided_ponytail breasts casual_one-piece_swimsuit clothing_cutout cloud commission criss-cross_halter day flower group_sex hair_over_one_eye halo halterneck handjob hat hat_flower highres hinata_(blue_archive) hinata_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) horizon large_breasts layered_swimsuit long_hair nipples ocean official_alternate_costume one-piece_swimsuit one_breast_out one_eye_covered outdoors penis pussy red_eyes sand sex shiny_skin side_cutout skeb_commission sky solo_focus sun_hat swimsuit threesome tongue tongue_out very_long_hair water white_one-piece_swimsuit white_swimsuit yellow_headwear yu-ta
1boy 1girl 60fps absolute_zero_cannon acid alien ammunition_backpack animated anti-megalosaurus_force atomic_breath audible_music back_unit blue_sky body_markings building burning_godzilla buzzsaw_(tool) camouflage cape cave cherry_blossoms chest_cannon city cloud crossover crystal crystal_elemental cyborg day destoroyah destruction dinosaur directed-energy_weapon dragon dust earth_elemental electricity elemental_(creature) embers energy energy_ball energy_beam energy_being energy_cannon energy_weapon energy_wings english_text explosion extra_wings fangs fire flower flying forest game_trailer giant giant_monster gigabash gigaman gigan glowing glowing_eyes glowing_horns glowing_markings glowing_veins godzilla godzilla_(series) godzilla_against_mechagodzilla godzilla_vs._destoroyah godzilla_vs._gigan gorogong growth guest_character guest_fighter horns ice ice_ball jetpack jungle kaijin kaijuu kiryu_(godzilla) kongkrete living_building living_crystal low_wings magnetic_weapon maser maser_beam maser_cannon mecha mechagodzilla meteor microsoft military military_base missile missile_launcher missile_pod molten_rock monster mouth_beam mouth_cannon mrl_2_mk._iv_rocket mutant nature night orange_electricity oxygen_destroyer_ray passion_republic_games pincers pipijuras plant plasma plasma_beam plump pool purple_electricity railgun rawa red_spiral_ray river roaring robot rocket_(projectile) rocket_launcher rocket_pod rohanna royal_warden sea_monster sharp_teeth shoulder_cannon shoulder_gun skirt skorak skull sky skyscraper smoke sound space_monster spikes stinger superhero sword tail teeth temple thorns thundatross toho towers trailer_(media) transformation tree tusks type-0_railgun type-87_680mm_multiple_interlocking_rocket type-95_470mm_multipurpose_guided_missile type-99_twin_maser_cannon underground vapor veins video video_game village vines volcano water waterfall weapon wings woolley wrist_cannon wrist_gun xbox_series_x yellow_electricity zyva

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