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A wardrobe malfunction is an occurance where a subject's piece(s) of clothing are removed or fall off of the body through no fault of the wearer or any other individual (though sometimes through the fault of nature itself).

A pair of side-tie_panties which unravel or untie themselves, or a bra which is lifted to reveal the breasts upon getting out of a swimming pool, would both be considered wardrobe malfunctions.

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 breasts crying jabba_the_hutt large_breasts long_tongue metal_bikini nipples pelvic_curtain penis prehensile_tongue princess_leia_organa_solo rape sabu_(sabudenego) sex slave star_wars tongue uncensored wardrobe_malfunction
 1girl absurdres bandages breast_expansion breasts bursting_breasts cleavage danganronpa_(series) danganronpa_2:_goodbye_despair female_focus gigantic_breasts gus_(emmarrgus) highres long_hair matching_hair/eyes mole mole_under_eye nurse purple_eyes purple_hair solo sweat tsumiki_mikan wardrobe_malfunction
 3girls beach beach_towel bikini blaster_master_zero blonde_hair blue_eyes blush breast_press breasts eve_(blaster_master_zero) green_eyes heterochromia inti_creates kanna_(blaster_master_zero) large_breasts lotion multiple_girls official_art red_eyes sample_watermark small_breasts suggestive_fluid sunscreen swimsuit tae_(blaster_master_zero) tears towel wardrobe_malfunction watermark wet wet_clothes white_hair
 1girl @_@ ^^^ bikini bikini_pull black_bikini blush breasts brown_eyes clenched_hands clothes_pull embarrassed grey_hair groin large_breasts long_hair low_twintails medium_breasts navel nipples open_mouth sagging_breasts shirai_(zako_sensei) solo spoken_squiggle squiggle swimsuit tsuzuri_(tuzuri) twintails wardrobe_malfunction zaako_zako_zako_zako_sensei
 1boy 1girl armor bikini_armor blue_armor blush bra breasts cape clenched_teeth club_(weapon) covering_breasts covering_privates defeat glaring kaeru large_breasts long_hair nipples on_ground orc original red_eyes red_hair scowl sword teeth underwear unworn_bra wardrobe_malfunction weapon
 1boy blush bra breasts eyes_visible_through_hair gigantic_breasts gloves highres male_with_breasts open_mouth pink_eyes pittori shirt shorts simple_background solo surprised translation_request underwear walking wardrobe_malfunction

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