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Tag type: General

Two or more persons are wearing/using any type of clothes together.

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child tags
* Shared_Blanket
* Shared_Cape
* Shared_Coat
* Shared_Earphones or Shared_Headphones
* Shared_Hat
* Shared_Jacket
* Shared_Scarf
* Shared_Umbrella

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 1boy 1girl amy_rose bark_the_polar_bear blue_background blush commentary_request furry furry_female green_eyes hands_in_pockets hat height_difference highres jacket korean_commentary looking_down looking_up mojunpwo outdoors red_eyes shared_clothes shared_jacket simple_background smile snow sonic_(series)
 2boys alhaitham_(genshin_impact) aqua_eyes black_coat blonde_hair blue_scarf closed_eyes closed_mouth coat feather_hair_ornament feathers genshin_impact hair_ornament highres kaveh_(genshin_impact) light_blush long_sleeves male_focus multiple_boys scarf shared_clothes shared_scarf smile tonraeki white_coat yaoi
 2girls atenaba black_shirt blue_eyes blue_hair blush closed_eyes grey_sweater highres kaf_(kamitsubaki_studio) kamitsubaki_studio long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair multiple_girls own_hands_together parted_lips pink_hair plaid plaid_scarf red_hair red_scarf rim_(kamitsubaki_studio) scarf shared_clothes shared_scarf shirt simple_background sleeves_past_wrists smile streaked_hair sweater upper_body whispering white_background yellow_pupils
 2girls ahoge animal_ear_fluff animal_ears black_jacket blazer blue_archive blue_eyes blue_halo blue_necktie blue_scarf blush brown_sweater closed_mouth cross_hair_ornament extra_ears fringe_trim grey_hair hair_between_eyes hair_ornament halo hoshino_(blue_archive) jacket long_hair long_sleeves medium_hair multiple_girls nahoshi_(sevenstar744) necktie pink_hair pink_halo scarf shared_clothes shared_scarf shiroko_(blue_archive) shirt simple_background sweater white_background white_shirt wolf_ears yellow_eyes
 2girls black_jacket blue_eyes blush bocchi_the_rock! bright_pupils brown_coat brown_scarf chinese_commentary coat commentary_request cube_hair_ornament dog_girl dog_tail gotoh_hitori green_eyes hair_ornament highres holding_hands interlocked_fingers jacket kemonomimi_mode kita_ikuyo long_hair looking_at_viewer multiple_girls one_side_up open_mouth parted_lips pink_hair plaid plaid_scarf red_hair scarf shared_clothes shared_scarf simple_background smile sweatdrop tail upper_body white_background white_pupils yanlingjinshilihuahua yuri
 2boys absurdres alternate_costume bag black_footwear black_pants black_sclera blue_jacket boots breath brothers brown_footwear brown_gloves brown_headwear cable_knit cel_shading coat colored_sclera commentary copyright_name denim from_side full_body fur-trimmed_jacket fur_trim gloves grin hand_in_pocket hat height_difference highres holding holding_bag holding_clothes holding_scarf jacket jeans kamezaemon knee_boots male_focus multiple_boys open_clothes open_coat open_jacket pants paper_bag papyrus_(undertale) red_background red_coat red_scarf sans scarf shared_clothes shared_scarf shoes siblings simple_background skeleton smile standing striped_clothes striped_scarf sweater undertale white_eyes white_gloves yellow_sweater

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