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Akatsuki is the 21st Fubuki-class destroyer and/or lead ship of the Akatsuki class of destroyers in the game Kantai_Collection. Her younger sister-ships include Hibiki_(Kantai_Collection) (AKA Verniy_(Kantai_Collection)), Ikazuchi_(Kantai_Collection), and Inazuma_(Kantai_Collection).

The Akatsuki-class wears a white and dark blue serafuku that has an anchor_symbol at the center of the collar. They also all have a "III" badge somewhere on themselves as well as some form of black_legwear. When equipped for battle, they have a pair of torpedo launchers on their hips, a smokestack on their back, trail an anchor behind them, have a twin-cannon turret on a swinging arm over their right shoulder, and a rounded plate on both of their arms that looks shield-like. Unlike most shipgirls, they don't wear shoes with propellers or keels, and instead wear loafers like the kind that are part of school uniforms.

Personally, Akatsuki does her best to act like a true lady (Ichininmae_no_Lady) and thus, doesn't like to be treated as a child, especially including head-patting. (With attestations of being a "full-fledged lady" or "first-class lady" being something of a catchphrase.) This has the side effect of making her look even more childish. Many characters enjoy teasing her by doing things that play upon her being childish, such as giving her children's meals (okosama_lunch).

Akatsuki has long-hair purple_hair that can be fairly messy_hair, and usually has a tuft of hair that comes down between her eyes (hair_between_eyes). She has purple_eyes.

The second of her class with a Second Remodel (First being Hibiki becoming Verniy), her clothes have been recolored dark grey with dark red stripes on white (like Fubuki_(Kantai_Collection) and Ayanami_(Kantai_Collection) before her), the scarf holder is now a light yellow color and the scarf itself is tied differently. She now sports a searchlight over her left shoulder, two Twin HA 12.7cm guns on her right arm and a depth charge holder hanging down her left side. The right "shield" has been removed.

Her personal variation on her class's outfit is wearing opaque black pantyhose and a flat_cap with an anchor_symbol on it. The "III" is on the left side of her collar. She also wears two plates of armor attached to her shoes while in her combat gear for some reason (absent in her second remodel).

pixiv tags: 暁, 暁(艦隊これくしょん), 暁(艦これ)

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