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The fox_ears tag applies to posts where at least one humanoid character has real or fake fox ears. The most common would be traditional foxgirls (kitsune) serving as messengers of Inari, kami of rice.

To distinguish fox ears from cat, dog and wolf ears if there is no tail or it doesn't help much:
* fox ears are usually larger than cat and dog ears (some artists draw huge fox ears) and are more pointy
* fox ears are often straighter and longer than wolf ears which might be similar
(or alternately they might be curved backwards)
* fox ears are often slanted to the same direction instead of being slanted to the opposite sides of the head
(so whereas other ears are \_/ shaped, fox ears are often \_| or \_\ shaped relative to eye level, even in frontal view)

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 1girl aged_down ahoge animal_ear_fluff animal_ears artist_request azur_lane bare_shoulders blue_ribbon blush collarbone fox_ears full_body grey_hair hair_ribbon highres holding japanese_clothes kimono long_sleeves looking_at_viewer loose_socks non-web_source off_shoulder official_art one_eye_closed open_mouth oversized_clothes pleated_skirt pom_pom_(clothes) purple_eyes ribbon shinano-chan_(azur_lane) skirt sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists socks solo standing twintails white_skirt white_socks wide_sleeves
 1girl absurdres animal_ears black_shorts blue_archive blue_eyes clothes_pull commentary feishi flower fox_ears grey_background gym_uniform hair_flower hair_ornament hairband halo hand_on_own_thigh hand_up highres leaning_forward long_hair looking_at_viewer mari_(blue_archive) mari_(track)_(blue_archive) official_alternate_costume open_mouth orange_hair puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves shirt shirt_pull short_sleeves shorts simple_background solo white_hairband white_shirt yellow_halo
 1girl @_@ absurdres alternate_costume animal_ears aqua_eyes armpit_crease bare_shoulders black_leotard bow bowtie braid breasts cleavage collarbone covering_breasts covering_privates detached_collar fake_animal_ears fox_ears fox_girl fox_tail hair_between_eyes highres hololive large_breasts leotard long_hair looking_at_viewer mogmog_megmog open_mouth playboy_bunny rabbit_ears shirakami_fubuki side_braid solo tail virtual_youtuber white_hair wrist_cuffs
 3girls alternate_costume animal_ear_fluff animal_ears ass bare_shoulders black_hair blue_archive blue_eyes bow breasts cleavage closed_mouth collar commentary_request daran9 detached_collar detached_sleeves dress dress_bow fox_ears from_behind gloves hair_over_one_eye halo highres hinata_(blue_archive) large_breasts light_brown_hair long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer mari_(blue_archive) multiple_girls orange_hair parted_lips red_eyes sakurako_(blue_archive) sidelocks simple_background sisterhood_(blue_archive) small_breasts smile standing thighhighs white_background white_bow white_collar white_dress white_gloves white_thighhighs
1girl animal_ears braixen breasts caramelldansen creatures_(company) female_focus fox_ears fox_tail furry furry_female game_freak gen_6_pokemon grey_fur nintendo orange_eyes orange_fur pokemon pokemon_(creature) psyfirefairy smile solo stick tail white_fur yellow_fur
 1girl animal_ears armband assault_rifle black_armband black_footwear black_gloves black_hair black_pantyhose black_skirt blue_jacket boots brown_eyes cellien_(kemono_friends) chest_rig colored_tips commentary_request digital_dissolve extra_ears foregrip fox_ears fox_girl fox_tail full_body fur-trimmed_boots fur_trim gloves grey_hair gun headphones_for_animal_ears headset highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon jacket kemono_friends long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair optical_sight pantyhose pleated_skirt puff_of_air rifle sigh silver_fox_(kemono_friends) simple_background skirt solo spawnfoxy standing suppressor tail thigh_strap translation_request very_long_hair weapon white_background

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