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This is to side_ponytail what two_side_up is to twintails.

In other words, it's two_side_up but with only one side.

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Last updated: 04/27/19 9:46 PM by secret64
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 1girl :o ahoge bag bare_shoulders black_shorts blue_eyes brown_bag collarbone comet_(comet-san) cosmic_baton_girl_comet-san cowboy_shot doppelschwert hair_ornament head_tilt heart heart_print highres holding holding_bag jewelry looking_at_viewer necklace one_side_up open_mouth pink_hair print_bag print_tank_top shopping_bag short_hair shorts simple_background solo spring_onion standing star_(symbol) star_hair_ornament star_print tank_top white_background white_tank_top
 1boy 1girl absurdres animal_ears arm_at_side artist_name aseiusx ass back bare_shoulders barefoot blunt_bangs blunt_ends blush breasts brown_background brown_pantyhose close-up closed_mouth commentary cowboy_shot curvy detached_sleeves fake_animal_ears fake_tail feet fellatio from_side frown full_body hair_over_shoulder hand_up highleg highleg_leotard highres kneeling leotard licking licking_penis long_hair looking_at_penis looking_at_viewer looking_back magi_the_labyrinth_of_magic medium_breasts morgiana multiple_views nose_blush one_side_up oral pantyhose penis playboy_bunny rabbit_ears rabbit_tail red_eyes red_hair shy simple_background solo_focus split_mouth strapless strapless_leotard tail thighs tongue tongue_out tsurime white_leotard white_wrist_cuffs wrist_cuffs
 1girl ascot blonde_hair blue_background blue_sky blush bouquet bow breasts collar collared_shirt cowboy_shot cropped_legs crystal eyes_visible_through_hair fang feet_out_of_frame flandre_scarlet flower frilled_bow frills hair_between_eyes hair_bow happy hat head_tilt holding holding_bouquet jewelry leaf looking_at_viewer medium_breasts mob_cap multicolored_wings one_side_up open_mouth petals pink_flower ponytail puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves rainbow red_bow red_eyes red_nails red_ribbon red_skirt red_vest ribbon sakizaki_saki-p shirt short_hair short_sleeves skirt sky smile solo standing thighs tongue touhou vest white_background white_flower white_hat white_shirt wings wrist_cuffs yellow_ascot
 1girl argyle argyle_background between_legs blonde_hair blue_background blush chibi closed_eyes collared_shirt cowboy_shot facing_viewer fang flandre_scarlet frilled_shirt_collar frilled_skirt frills hand_between_legs hat hat_ribbon medium_hair mob_cap multicolored_wings nekoko_(mono96) one_side_up open_mouth puffy_short_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_ribbon red_skirt red_vest ribbon shirt short_sleeves skin_fang skirt solo touhou vest white_hat white_shirt wings
 1girl blonde_hair closed_mouth flandre_scarlet frilled_shirt_collar frills hat hat_ribbon highres ichirugi light_smile looking_at_viewer medium_hair mob_cap one_side_up pixiv_id portrait red_eyes red_ribbon ribbon ribbon-trimmed_headwear ribbon_trim solo touhou white_hat wings
 1girl :q \||/ absurdres after_vaginal aftersex anus arms_at_sides aroused blue_scrunchie blush breasts breasts_apart censored closed_mouth commentary commission crossed_bangs cum cum_in_pussy cum_overflow eternalfeatherx eyes_visible_through_hair hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hair_scrunchie highres inaba_meguru indoors leaning_back long_hair looking_at_viewer m_legs medium_breasts mosaic_censoring naked_scarf naughty_face navel nipples nose_blush nude on_floor one_side_up orange_hair pixiv_commission pussy raised_eyebrows red_eyes sanoba_witch scarf scrunchie shiny_skin sitting smile solo spread_legs stomach thighs tongue tongue_out tsurime yellow_scarf

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