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When a vibrator--typically an egg_vibrator but more dildo-shaped ones occasionally make an appearance--is placed between someone's body and the pair of panties they're wearing.

Hiding a vibrator in one's panties is one possible way to have a discreet_vibrator. Discretion isn't always the name of the game, however, and it could just be that panties are a convenient way to make the vibrator stay in place, leaving everyone's hands free for other things.

See also vibrator_in_thighhighs.

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 1girl asuzemu blue_capelet blue_eyes blue_hair blush bow breasts breath capelet clothes_lift cowboy_shot dress egg_vibrator hood hood_up kumoi_ichirin lifting_own_clothes long_sleeves looking_at_viewer medium_breasts panties parted_bangs pink_panties pussy_juice sex_toy short_hair skirt skirt_lift smile solo stained_panties standing sweat teeth touhou underwear vibrator vibrator_under_clothes vibrator_under_panties white_dress wide_sleeves
 1boy 1girl alice_soft close-up daiteikoku game_cg orange_hair panties underwear upskirt vibrator vibrator_under_clothes vibrator_under_panties white_panties
 1girl abandoned ball_gag black_hair black_thighhighs blindfold breasts commentary_request cross_pasties female_ejaculation gag hair_ornament hairclip indoors large_breasts miniskirt multiple_boys multiple_girls nipple_stimulation original panties partially_unbuttoned pasties public_indecency public_nudity red_blindfold red_skirt restrained school school_uniform sex_toy shibari shirt short_hair skirt stairs thighhighs underwear vibrator vibrator_on_nipple vibrator_under_clothes vibrator_under_panties white_shirt zetsu_red
 1girl arms_up bdsm black_hair black_panties blush breasts clenched_teeth closed_eyes collar collarbone cuffs hair_ornament hairclip handcuffs highres looking_at_viewer lying medium_breasts medium_hair murakami_suigun navel nipples on_back original panties peeing peeing_self pussy_juice restrained saliva sex_toy shadow solo spread_legs teeth underwear upper_teeth_only vibrator vibrator_under_clothes vibrator_under_panties wet
 1girl arms_up bdsm blush breasts collar commentary_request forehead glasses highres lying murakami_suigun nipples on_back open_clothes open_mouth open_shirt original panties restrained see-through sex_toy skirt solo spread_legs steam steaming_body tr underwear uniform vibrator vibrator_under_clothes vibrator_under_panties wet
 ball_gag black_hair blindfold bound bound_wrists circlet clothes_lift gag game_cg hair_tubes hakama hakama_lift japanese_clothes kimono long_hair lying miko momoyama_tadashi nipple_stimulation on_back open_clothes open_kimono oyama_dennou_giken panties pussy_juice rope shibari spread_legs tabi underwear vibrator vibrator_on_nipple vibrator_under_clothes vibrator_under_panties

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