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ガンダムUC 機動戦士ガンダムUC

7 episode OVA series running from 2010-14, adapted from the 10 volume novel series by Harutoshi Fukui. Occurs in U.C. 0096, three years after Char's_Counterattack.

The series revolves around the pursuit of Laplace's Box, a MacGuffin said to contain a secret that could bring down the Earth Federation government, by Neo-Zeon remnants calling themselves "The Sleeved" and Londo Bell, the special taskforce from Char's Counterattack. The titular Unicorn_Gundam acts as both a map and key to the Box, coordinates to which are encrypted in its operating system.

Related characters:

Banagher_Links, pilot of the Unicorn Gundam
Audrey_Burne, aka Mineva Lao Zabi
Riddhe_Marcenas, a Londo Bell pilot and son of a prominent family in the EF government
Full_Frontal, leader of The Sleeved, described as "the second coming of Char_Aznable"
Angelo_Sauper, Full Frontal's lieutenant, reminiscent of Gyunei_Guss
Suberoa_Zinnerman, captain of the Garancieres, a Sleeved ship masquerading as a cargo freighter
Marida_Kruz, a pilot for The Sleeved who refers to Zinnerman as "Master"

Related mecha:


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 1girl :p afei_(sfma3248) brown_hair byarlant_custom chibi closed_eyes copyright_request gradient_background gundam gundam_unicorn highres kantai_collection long_hair magatama mecha multiple_girls ocean pleated_skirt robot ryuujou_(kancolle) skirt tongue tongue_out twintails v visor_cap
 1girl gundam gundam_unicorn highres long_hair looking_at_viewer marida_cruz military military_uniform orange_hair purple_eyes siodam410 solo uniform
 armor commentary_request denjyou23 floating from_behind from_below gun gundam gundam_unicorn highres holding holding_gun holding_weapon mecha no_humans red_armor rifle robot science_fiction signature sinanju space spikes thrusters weapon

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