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The Second World War (1939-1945), also know as WWII, World War 2 and Great Patriotic War, was the bloodiest and worst conflict in human history with 50-60 Millions deaths.

The war was waged by the Allies, The United States, The Soviet Union, The British Empire (UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and others) against the Axis, composed of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan and others.

The war ended after in 1945 but gave place to a much slower, but deadlier and complex conflict known as the Cold War.

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 2girls a6m_zero absurdres aircraft_carrier akagi_(aircraft_carrier) artist_name battle battle_of_midway browning_m2 fenuier gun heavy_machine_gun highres imperial_japanese_navy machine_gun military_uniform military_vehicle multiple_girls original roundel sbd_dauntless ship smile uniform united_states_navy upside-down warship watercraft waving weapon world_war_ii
 3others aichi_e13a aircraft airplane blue_sky cockpit commentary imperial_japanese_navy matsuda_juukou military_vehicle multiple_others original pilot pilot_helmet propeller seaplane sky vehicle_focus world_war_ii
 1other aircraft airplane cloud cockpit commentary f4u_corsair highres jolly_roger matsuda_juukou military_vehicle ocean original pilot propeller skull_and_crossbones united_states_navy world_war_ii
 1girl artist_name blonde_hair blue_eyes camouflage dated hat helmet highres jacket looking_at_viewer low_ponytail military military_hat military_uniform nazi original ponytail short_hair simple_background solo totenkopf twitter_username uniform upper_body waffen-ss weimar_29 white_background world_war_ii
 1girl assault_rifle binoculars blonde_hair camouflage gloves gun hair_between_eyes hat highres jacket long_sleeves looking_at_viewer low_ponytail military military_hat military_jacket military_uniform nazi original outdoors peaked_cap ponytail rifle short_ponytail solo submachine_gun tree uniform weapon wehrmacht weimar_29 world_war_ii
 2girls battlefield blonde_hair destruction green_eyes highres military_vehicle motor_vehicle multiple_girls original second_battle_of_el_alamein smoke smoke_trail tank tanuki_kobayashi the_two-thousand_yard_stare thousand_yard_stare wehrmacht world_war_ii

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