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Tag type: General

A thin strand or thread composed of metal. This tag is only for images of bare metal wires and non-electrical types of wire, particularly those used as a weapon.

Image that depict coated wires, especially those connected to a machine or piece of electronics, should only use the cable tag instead. The only exception to this is if the coated wire is also exposing the metal underneath the coat, in which case it can be tagged wire in conjunction with the cable tag.

Images of normal hanging power lines should not be tagged wire, and instead should be tagged power_lines.

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 1girl belt belt_buckle black_shorts blue_eyes blue_hair blue_happi brown_hair buckle chromatic_aberration closed_mouth commentary earrings girls_band_cry hair_between_eyes happi highres holding holding_microphone iseri_nina japanese_clothes jewelry kuuhaku_to_catharsis low_twintails microphone mumu_(leelee_mumu) nail_polish red_nails red_shirt shirt shirt_tucked_in short_hair short_twintails shorts solo symbol-only_commentary twintails white_belt wire
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