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Tag type: General

A position where one character is straddling someone else's thigh.

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 2girls absurdres artist_name bad_arm blonde_hair braid breasts cameltoe cat_hair_ornament company_name copyright_name couple cover cover_image cover_page fingerless_gloves girl_on_top gloves gyaru hair_ornament highres holding_hands large_breasts logo looking_at_another loose_necktie manga_cover multiple_girls necktie official_art panties red_hair scan school_uniform shikishima_mirei short_twintails straddling thigh_straddling thong title tokonome_mamori twin_braids twintails underwear valkyrie_drive valkyrie_drive_-mermaid- yuri zunta
 1boy 1girl animated animated_gif censored commentary_request completely_nude dark-skinned_male dark_skin dripping erection flat_chest handjob hetero letterboxed loli long_hair looking_at_viewer looping_animation madana_(xesa7885) misskey.io_username mosaic_censoring nipples nude original paid_reward_available parted_lips penis pov pov_crotch purple_eyes purple_hair solo_focus steaming_body sweat thigh_straddling twitter_username very_sweaty watermark wet wet_hair
 2girls absurdres animal_ears black_thighhighs blush breasts brown_hair cowboy_shot fingering fur-trimmed_thighhighs fur_trim grey_hair highres holo incest jewelry likunea long_hair lying medium_breasts mother_and_daughter multiple_girls myuri_(spice_and_wolf) necklace nipples nude on_back on_bed open_mouth pillow red_eyes spice_and_wolf spread_legs tail teeth thigh_straddling thighhighs tongue tongue_out uncensored upper_teeth_only wolf_ears wolf_girl wolf_tail yuri zoom_layer
 2girls absurdres ai-assisted anus black_tail blonde_hair breasts closed_eyes completely_nude day demon_tail erection feathered_wings french_kiss frottage futanari handjob highres horns indoors kiss large_breasts mini_wings multiple_girls navel nervi_(trimbil) nipples nude original penis pointy_ears ponytail pussy red_hair sidelocks small_breasts tail tail_wrap testicles thigh_straddling trimbil uncensored window wings
 1boy 1girl arm_around_neck ass ass_grab bald black_hair black_shorts boxers breast_pull breasts bulge commentary covered_face curly_hair dark-skinned_female dark_nipples dark_skin dolphin_shorts english_commentary english_text foreplay friday_the_13th girl_on_top heart height_difference hockey_mask interracial itsonlynsfw jason_voorhees large_breasts long_hair male_underwear mask muscular muscular_male nipple_stimulation nipple_tweak nipples one_breast_out pale_skin shorts speech_bubble thigh_straddling underbutt underwear veins very_dark_skin
 1other 3girls amiya_(arknights) animated arknights blue_hair ch'en_(arknights) chair closed_eyes doctor_(arknights) dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_tail dry_humping evalithfog frottage green_hair horns hoshiguma_(arknights) humping indoors long_hair medium_hair multiple_girls oni parted_lips single_horn sitting skin-covered_horns sweat sweatdrop tagme tail thigh_straddling video yuri

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