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比那名居 天子 Hinanawi Tenshi, also pronounced Hinanai Tenshi and Hinanawi/Hinanai Tenko

The "Girl of the Highest Heaven". Final boss of Touhou's Scarlet_Weather_Rhapsody and later a recurring playable character.

A spoiled celestial with the ability to manipulate land and weather. Bored with her life in the heavens, Tenshi decides to wreak havoc upon Gensoukyou by creating freak weather patterns and causing an earthquake which leveled the Hakurei Shrine.

Her nicknames include "Momoko" ("Peach Girl") (on account of the peaches on her hat) and "Tenko" ( 天子, "Heaven Girl") (an alternate spelling of her name). Doujinshis frequently portray her as a masochist, based on her dialogue in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody demanding "punishment for her deeds", often landing her on the receiving end of other girls' wrath, especially the sadistic Kazami_Yuuka.

Hinanawi Tenshi's typical tags:

Person: blue_hair, red_eyes
Hair: long_hair
Clothing: blue_dress, brown_shoes, white_shirt, puffy_short_sleeves, short_sleeves, blouse, buttons, frills, rainbow_order, bow, apron, red_bow, neck_ribbon, wing_collar, blue_bow, cross-laced_footwear, bowtie, dress_shirt, white_blouse
Accessories: hat, black_hat, peach, leaf, fruit, sword_of_hisou, keystone

Other: rainbow_gradient

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 6+girls :d ^_^ ahoge animal_ears ascot bat_wings blood blood_from_mouth book bow bowtie braid brooch bruise circlet clenched_teeth closed_eyes clownpiece commentary_request constricted_pupils covering_own_mouth cowboy_hat crazy_eyes crossed_arms crying crying_with_eyes_open cuts doremy_sweet drumsticks expression_chart fang fire flandre_scarlet frilled_bow frills front_ponytail fujiwara_no_mokou goat_horns greyscale_with_colored_background grin hair_bow hair_ribbon hakurei_reimu hands_up hat hat_ribbon hata_no_kokoro heterochromia highres hinanawi_tenshi holding holding_book holding_drumsticks holding_orb holding_torch holding_umbrella hood hood_up horikawa_raiko horns houjuu_nue imaizumi_kagerou injury jester_cap jewelry kagiyama_hina kaku_seiga kirisame_marisa kishin_sagume kumoi_ichirin kurokoma_saki long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer low_twintails mask matara_okina medium_hair mini-hakkero mob_cap monkey_tail monochrome mononobe_no_futo moriya_suwako multiple_girls neck_ruff nervous_sweating nightcap open_mouth orb own_hands_clasped own_hands_together parted_lips pointy_ears remilia_scarlet ribbon scarf shaded_face shards sharp_teeth shikido_(khf) shirt short_hair single_braid sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists smile son_biten sweat sweatdrop tail tamatsukuri_misumaru tatara_kogasa tate_eboshi tears teeth torch torn_clothes torn_hat touhou toutetsu_yuuma turtleneck twintails umbrella upside-down v-shaped_eyebrows wings witch_hat wolf_ears wolf_girl yin_yang yin_yang_orb yorigami_shion
 1girl black_hat blue_hair brodall_pixel close-up cloud commentary_request fisheye from_side hat hinanawi_tenshi looking_at_viewer outdoors pixel_art red_eyes shirt sky smirk solo sunset touhou white_shirt
2girls anger_vein annoyed chair closed_eyes fins fish flat_screen_tv food frilled_scarf fruit gloves heart highres hinanawi_tenshi laughing monochrome motion_lines multiple_girls nagae_iku nagae_iku_(heaven&#039;s_illumination) oarfish oysterfried peach pointing ribbon scarf shadow smile television touhou touhou_lostword
&gt;_&lt; 2girls annoyed closed_eyes cloud fins fish flat_screen_tv floating happy heart heart_ribbon highres hinanawi_tenshi monochrome multiple_girls nagae_iku nagae_iku_(heaven&#039;s_illumination) oarfish oysterfried rain ribbon scarf scorch_mark skirt smile smoke television thought_bubble touhou touhou_lostword
&gt;_&lt; 2girls blue_hair blue_shirt blush button_eyes buttons emphasis_lines fish happy_tears highres hinanawi_tenshi holding holding_stuffed_toy multiple_girls nagae_iku oarfish oysterfried pink_shirt purple_hair shirt smile stuffed_animal stuffed_toy sweatdrop t-shirt tears touhou yellow_background
 1girl alternate_costume armor black_thighhighs blue_footwear blue_hair chibi closed_mouth food-themed_hair_ornament full_body hair_ornament hinanawi_tenshi leaf long_hair looking_at_viewer peach_hair_ornament red_eyes simple_background skartinova smile solo thighhighs touhou very_long_hair white_background

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