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Tag type: General

A character wearing a thighhigh on only one leg.

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single_elbow glove

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 1girl absurdly_long_hair aizawa_ema aizawa_ema_(1st_costume) armpits arms_up asymmetrical_legwear bare_shoulders black_footwear black_gloves blonde_hair blue_dress blue_eyes blue_hair blunt_bangs breasts cat_earrings choker commission criss-cross_halter doatobira dress fishnet_thighhighs fishnets flower gloves gradient_hair hair_flower hair_ornament hairclip halter_dress halterneck high_heels highres huge_bow knees lace lace-trimmed_choker lace-trimmed_skirt lace_choker lace_gloves lace_trim large_breasts lips long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair open_mouth parted_bangs playing_with_own_hair see-through_gloves simple_background single_thighhigh sitting skeb_commission skirt smile solo teeth thigh_strap thighhighs very_long_hair virtual_youtuber vspo! white_background yokozuwari
 1girl absurdres alternate_costume angel_wings bare_shoulders blue_archive blush breasts daran9 dress feathered_wings hair_bun hair_ornament hair_scrunchie halo highres large_breasts leg_up legs long_hair long_sleeves mika_(blue_archive) open_mouth panties pink_hair scrunchie single_hair_bun single_thighhigh sitting solo thighhighs thighs underwear white_dress white_panties white_thighhighs white_wings wings yellow_eyes
 1girl :t artist_name bow breasts candy cherry_blossom_print cherry_blossoms chinese_text cleavage_cutout closed_mouth clothing_cutout commission corrupted_twitter_file dress english_text floating floating_object floral_print food fruit full_body grey_background hair_bow hair_ornament hair_rings hairclip happybiirthd highres juliet_sleeves lace leaf long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer original pink_bow pink_dress pink_eyes pink_footwear pink_theme plate platform_footwear puffy_sleeves shoes sidelocks simple_background single_thighhigh sleeves_past_fingers sleeves_past_wrists small_breasts solo standing standing_on_one_leg strawberry thighhighs twintails very_long_hair watermark wavy_hair white_thighhighs
 1girl absurdres blonde_hair cage cape earrings ereshkigal_(fate) fate/grand_order fate_(series) fur-trimmed_cape fur_trim grey_background high_heels highres jewelry konikoni1002 long_hair red_eyes single_thighhigh thighhighs tiara
 absurdres animal animal_ear_fluff animal_ear_piercing animal_ears arm_ribbon asymmetrical_legwear bare_shoulders belt black_belt black_capelet black_choker black_gloves black_socks black_thighhighs blonde_hair book book_stack bookshelf buckle capelet cat cat_ears check_copyright chest_tattoo chinese_commentary choker collarbone commentary_request copyright_request dress earrings eyelashes frilled_dress frilled_gloves frills gloves hair_ornament hairclip heart heart-shaped_buckle highres hoop_earrings indoors jewelry kneehighs ladder long_hair looking_at_object mole mole_under_eye mubai_jiang multicolored_hair night night_sky observatory off_shoulder open_mouth original outstretched_hand oversized_animal pointy_ears purple_dress purple_hair purple_ribbon red_eyes ribbon short_dress single_glove single_kneehigh single_sock single_thighhigh sky socks star_(sky) starry_sky streaked_hair striped_ribbon tattoo teeth thigh_belt thigh_strap thighhighs upper_teeth_only very_long_hair waist_ribbon watermark weibo_logo weibo_username window x_hair_ornament yellow_ribbon
1girl ahoge animal_ears azur_lane bare_shoulders baseball_bat black_choker black_footwear black_hair black_jacket black_shirt black_thighhighs character_name choker copyright_name copyright_notice crossed_legs double_bun eyewear_on_head fake_animal_ears hair_bun highres holding holding_baseball_bat holding_stuffed_toy jacket long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer loose_socks manjuu_(azur_lane) multicolored_hair off_shoulder official_art open_mouth paint_splatter pink_hair second-party_source sharp_teeth shirt shoes single_thighhigh sitting sleeveless smile sneakers socks solo spray_can spray_paint streaked_hair stuffed_animal stuffed_toy svirepy_(azur_lane) teddy_bear teeth thighhighs torn_clothes torn_thighhighs white_socks yellow_eyes

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