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Tag type: None

As it's name implies, this tag is used if a copyright from which a character comes from is unknown.

If it is known that a character doesn't come from an established copyright, then use the original tag. See the wiki page for original for a list of Japanese tags that indicate an original character.

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 1boy animal animal_on_head ankle_socks argyle_capelet arm_behind_back arm_behind_head arm_up asymmetrical_legwear black_cat black_footwear black_shorts black_vest blue_eyes blue_flower blue_headwear blue_rose blue_shorts boots bow bowtie braid cape capelet cat character_request chinese_commentary closed_mouth coat coattails collared_shirt commentary commentary_request copyright_request crossed_legs diamond_hair_ornament english_commentary feet_out_of_frame fingernails flower footwear_bow frilled_footwear frilled_shirt_collar frilled_sleeves frills frown full_body gardening_shears green_coat green_headwear green_sleeves grey_socks hair_ornament hat hat_bow hat_feather heart heart_hair_ornament heterochromia high-waist_shorts high_collar high_heel_boots high_heels highres hinnoe0727 holding holding_scissors kneehighs leaning_forward long_sleeves looking_at_viewer lying mini_hat mini_top_hat mismatched_legwear mixed-language_commentary multiple_views on_back on_head open_mouth outstretched_arm oversized_object pink_socks plaid plaid_background purple_bow purple_eyes rabbit rain red_bow red_bowtie red_hair red_shorts rose scissors shirt short_hair short_sleeves shorts single_braid single_kneehigh single_sock sitting smile socks standing star_(symbol) star_hair_ornament star_print striped striped_socks suspenders tassel top_hat traditional_bowtie two-sided_coat two-sided_fabric two-sided_shorts unworn_headwear vertical-striped_socks vertical_stripes vest watermark white_cape white_footwear white_shirt white_shorts white_sleeves white_socks white_veil yellow_background yellow_bow yellow_bowtie yellow_capelet yellow_coat
 2boys absurdres ahoge belt belt_buckle belt_collar bishounen black_belt black_cape black_cloak black_collar black_gloves black_headwear black_sleeves black_tabard blue_bow blue_eyes blue_headwear blue_sky blue_tunic bow braid buckle cape check_copyright chinese_commentary cloak closed_mouth cloud collar commentary_request commission copyright_request cowboy_shot day diamond_print fingerless_gloves frilled_sleeves frills from_behind gloves guozimiao hair_over_shoulder hand_on_headwear hat hat_bow hat_feather highres holding_hands hood hood_up hooded_cloak implied_yaoi long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_another looking_at_viewer looking_back medium_hair multiple_boys original outdoors puffy_long_sleeves puffy_sleeves red_hair red_tunic sample_watermark shirt single_braid sky sleeves_past_wrists smile tabard two-sided_fabric two-sided_headwear watermark weibo_logo weibo_username wheat_field white_hair white_shirt wide_brim
 1boy artist_name belt black_shirt blue_pants brown_hair character_request closed_mouth clothes_lift copyright_request covering_mouth grey_eyes guilty_challenge_(meme) hand_over_own_mouth highres lem_sang male_focus meme midriff navel pants shirt shirt_lift short_hair solo stomach twitter_username white_background
 1girl blush breasts closed_mouth collarbone commentary_request completely_nude copyright_request hair_ribbon highres huge_breasts looking_at_viewer medium_hair monochrome nipples nude ribbon solo sweat tears traditional_media trembling tsukareta_san upper_body
 2boys animal_hood blue_white_577 cat_boy cat_hood child commentary_request copyright_request dagger desert dust fingerless_gloves furry furry_male gloves goggles goggles_on_head highres hood knife looking_to_the_side male_focus multiple_boys one_eye_closed orange_sky original outdoors sand sandals short_hair shorts simple_background sky slingshot_(weapon) spikes sword teeth weapon
 1girl absurdres bare_shoulders bikini black_bikini blue_archive breasts character_request commentary copyright_request dolechan eimi_(blue_archive) eimi_(swimsuit)_(blue_archive) goggles goggles_on_head highres jacket large_breasts long_hair looking_at_viewer navel off_shoulder parted_lips pink_hair pink_jacket purple_eyes scarf simple_background solo swimsuit symbol-only_commentary white_background white_scarf

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