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ハン・ジュリ 한주리

Han Juri (katakana: ハン・ジュリ, hangul: 한주리) is a playable female character in the Street_Fighter series. She makes her debut in Street_Fighter_IV_(series) (Super Street Fighter IV). She is the first Korean character in the Street Fighter series, and the only one that uses Taekwondo so far. She is voiced by Kitamura_Eri.

She is described as being an "evil, mean and nasty" member of S.I.N. who is a main character in the storyline. The character was created by request of many Korean fans who wished for Capcom to add a Korean character in Street Fighter, something already established by SNK and Namco.

Ironically, her creation is also seen as a rib to The_King_of_Fighters as all the Korean characters in that franchise, such as Kim_Kaphwan, are representatives of Justice, while she is a servant of evil.

Known moves

* Fuhajin
** Fuharenjin

* Shikusen
** Street Fighter_III_(series) - 2nd Impact
*** Street Fighter_III_(series) - 3rd Strike

* Senpusha
** Kaisen Dankairaku

* Kasatsushi

* Feng Shui Engine


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