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Umbrella tag for when both arms are stretched out, away from the body.


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If only one arm is stretched out, use outstretched_arm instead.
If the arms are spread towards the sides, also add spread_arms.

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 1girl absurdres bare_legs barefoot black_hair black_wings breasts commentary_request fasnakegod feathered_wings feet full_body hat highres kourindou_tengu_costume lake landing medium_breasts mountain obi outdoors outstretched_arms pelvic_curtain pointy_ears pom_pom_(clothes) red_eyes reflection reflective_water sash scenery shameimaru_aya solo standing standing_on_liquid standing_on_one_leg toes tokin_hat touhou wide_sleeves wings
 1girl :d aqua_eyes bare_shoulders barefoot breasts bug butterfly circlet commentary_request detached_sleeves double_bun dress fingernails flower full_body genshin_impact hair_bun hair_flower hair_ornament highres insect long_hair lower_teeth_only medium_breasts nail_polish nilou_(breeze_of_sabaa)_(genshin_impact) nilou_(genshin_impact) official_alternate_costume open_mouth outstretched_arms parted_bangs partial_commentary pink_nails purple_flower purple_ribbon red_hair ribbon sleeveless sleeveless_dress smile solo syuri22 teeth toenail_polish toenails toes very_long_hair vision_(genshin_impact) white_dress white_sleeves yellow_butterfly
 2girls 43_pon :d bad_id bad_twitter_id balloon bracelet cowboy_shot detached_collar detached_sleeves dress dual_persona highres jewelry looking_at_another mini_person minigirl multiple_girls ootori_emu open_mouth outstretched_arms pink_dress pink_eyes pink_hair project_sekai puffy_detached_sleeves puffy_sleeves short_hair signature smile standing star_(symbol) white_background
 1boy black_eyes blue_robe bright_pupils creatures_(company) crown facial_hair full_body game_freak gen_5_pokemon highres jewelry long_mustache male_focus mustache nintendo old old_man outstretched_arms personification pokemon pokemon_(creature) reference_inset ring robe signature spread_arms stoutland tamtamdi thick_mustache translated very_long_mustache white_hair white_pupils wrinkled_skin
 1girl :d ^_^ black_gloves black_hairband breasts closed_eyes collared_shirt cropped_jacket firefly_(honkai:_star_rail) floating_hair frilled_sleeves frills gloves green_skirt grey_hair hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairband helmet highres holding holding_fireworks honkai:_star_rail honkai_(series) long_hair long_sleeves medium_breasts neckerchief open_mouth orange_neckerchief outdoors outstretched_arms panties partially_fingerless_gloves ponchan_saikyou sam_(honkai:_star_rail) shirt skirt smile solo standing standing_on_one_leg underwear white_panties
 1girl :d artist_name black_choker black_footwear black_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush breasts choker cleavage collarbone commentary_request cropped_jacket dress english_text feathered_wings grey_dress hair_between_eyes hair_ornament hairclip head_wings highres indie_virtual_youtuber jacket kurata_rine kuratarine long_hair long_sleeves multicolored_hair open_clothes open_jacket open_mouth outstretched_arms qr_code ribbed_socks salute shoes short_hair_with_long_locks small_breasts smile socks solo standing standing_on_one_leg two-tone_hair virtual_youtuber white_jacket white_socks white_wings wide_sleeves wings

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