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Flandre Scarlet (フランドール・スカーレット Furandooru Sukaaretto) is a female vampire from the Touhou series of video games and related media. She is the younger sister of Remilia_Scarlet and the "dirty little secret" of the Scarlet_Devil_Mansion. Because of her unstable personality and incredible destructive power, her sister has had her ordered not to get out of the mansion for nearly 500 years. She knows little about the world outside and until the heroines arrived during the Extra Stage of The_Embodiment_of_Scarlet_Devil, she has had no substantive contact with any humans other than Izayoi_Sakuya.

She is most often depicted wearing a mob_cap, one_side_up (left side), blonde_hair, red_eyes and a pair of peculiar wings.

Her wings appear to be made of iron and prism shards. [...] Arranged from her back to the tip of her wings her 8 crystals are presented as follows: Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Light Green and Light Blue again.

She carries a matching metal wand with her, which is apparently the mythical Lævateinn [1] [ Laevatein ].

Sometimes Flandre is depicted with Laevatein beeing her tail Laevatein_(tail) instead of a metal wand.

[1] Wikipedia: Lævateinn:

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