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Tag type: General

Covered with excessive amounts of hair or hairlike projections, example: pubic hair, armpit hair, and anything that is generally body hair all around.

Suggestions are to use this one if there's more than one instance of hair on a chosen subject, because the pubic hair tag would be pubic hair standalone and this tag would essentially defeat the purpose of such a tag, or to use this tag for a single instance of hair that is quite substantial on the subject in question, as you wouldn't really call someone with an otherwise clean/shaven body hairy if they had a small amount of pubic hair, you'd just use the the Pubic hair tag and leave it at that.

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 1boy bara bare_pectorals beard belly bird brown_hair celeryman cup day facial_hair flaccid full_beard full_body hairy highres houseboat kal_(celeryman) large_pectorals male_focus male_pubic_hair mature_male mug muscular muscular_male naked_robe navel navel_hair nipples original outdoors paid_reward_available pectorals penis plump pubic_hair robe seagull short_hair solo standing thick_arm_hair thick_chest_hair thick_eyebrows thick_leg_hair thick_navel_hair uncensored undercut very_hairy
 2boys absurdres beard bishounen castlevania:_aria_of_sorrow castlevania_(series) chest_hair coat cowgirl_position facial_hair hairy harsh-mallowz head_back highres julius_belmont leg_hair lying monochrome moon multiple_boys mustache off_shoulder on_back penis sex short_hair soma_cruz straddling trap window yaoi
 1boy bara beard_stubble blush facial_hair hairy long_hair male_focus mature_male monochrome motion_lines muscular muscular_male okomepower ponytail profile purple_theme rise_of_the_ronin sakamoto_ryouma_(rise_of_the_ronin) solo stubble thick_back_hair thick_eyebrows translation_request tsurime undressing
 2boys abs anal_fingering anal_hair ass_hair bar_censor bara bare_pectorals beard_stubble blush bottomless breath censored erection facial_hair feet_out_of_frame fingering futon hairy japanese_clothes kimono large_pectorals long_hair lying male_focus male_pubic_hair mature_male monochrome multiple_boys muscular muscular_male navel_hair nipples okomepower on_back open_clothes open_kimono pectorals penis pubic_hair purple_theme rise_of_the_ronin sakamoto_ryouma_(rise_of_the_ronin) solo_focus sparse_ass_hair sparse_chest_hair stubble testicles thick_arm_hair thick_eyebrows thick_leg_hair thick_navel_hair thick_thighs thighs torogao translation_request tsurime very_hairy yaoi
 1boy abs arms_behind_head art_program_in_frame baldur's_gate baldur's_gate_3 bara bed_sheet brown_hair closed_eyes dungeons_&_dragons elf hairy halsin highres large_pectorals male_focus mature_male medium_hair muscular muscular_male naked_sheet nipples pectorals pointy_ears solo sparse_chest_hair sparse_navel_hair stretching thick_eyebrows titanium886 waking_up yawning
 1boy baldur's_gate baldur's_gate_3 bara brown_hair closed_eyes cropped_torso dungeons_&_dragons eating elf hairy halsin large_pectorals male_focus mature_male medium_hair muscular muscular_male pectoral_cleavage pectorals pointy_ears profile sidepec solo sparse_arm_hair sparse_chest_hair sunlight thick_eyebrows titanium886 tree_shade

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