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Kusazuri (草摺) are the plated armor skirt commonly seen on traditional Japanese samurai armor. They are composed of a grid of small plates (lamés) made from laminated leather or iron and riveted together in a fashion similar to sode shoulder guards.

Their role is to protect the waist and upper thighs while still giving flexibility, much like their Western equivalent, faulds and tassets.

A related piece of armor is the haidate, a set of similarly-constructed thigh guards worn underneath the kusazuri but affixed directly to the thighs instead of swinging freely.

The simple cloth equivalents found on kendo bougu training armor are called tare.

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 absurdres animal animal_focus armor bird claws clothed_animal foot_out_of_frame from_side hawk helmet highres japanese_armor kabuto_(helmet) koinobori kusazuri no_humans original shin_guards shoulder_armor sode solo talons tassel tonbippo08 windsock yellow_background
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