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Tag type: General

For use whenever the majority of the picture or it's subjects are inside a house or any other type of enclosed building.

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⚫ 部屋

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 1girl black_gloves blue_eyes brown_coat brown_hair coat commission cup disposable_cup gloves highres holding holding_cup indoors long_sleeves mizuno_(okn66) orange_scarf original scarf short_hair skeb_commission solo steam table
 animated bare_shoulders breasts brown_eyes brown_hair clitoris closed_eyes collarbone cowgirl_position cum cum_in_pussy elbow_gloves gloves hair_ribbon hetero holding_hands huge_breasts indoors kirin_ouji matching_hair/eyes mizuki_shiranui moaning naughty_face night nipples nude penis pov purple_gloves purple_thighhighs pussy ribbon sex shikikat straddling sweat tagme taimanin_(series) tan thighhighs uncensored vaginal video window
 1girl alternate_costume animal_ear_fluff animal_ear_piercing animal_ears arm_support arm_up armpits bare_shoulders belt black_belt black_corset black_hair black_hairband black_sleeves black_wristband blush bow bowtie breasts bucket bucket_spill cat_ears chest_belt cleavage collar commentary corner corset detached_collar detached_sleeves dress enmaided frilled_dress frilled_wristband frills from_above frown grey_hair hair_ribbon hairband highres hololive indoors kemonomimi_mode large_breasts light_particles long_hair looking_at_viewer maid maid_headdress mishimahachi multicolored_hair nail_polish open_mouth plaid plaid_bow plaid_bowtie puffy_sleeves red_bow red_bowtie red_eyes red_nails red_ribbon ribbon sakamata_chloe sleeveless sleeveless_dress solo spill spilling streaked_hair tearing_up two-tone_hair upper_body virtual_youtuber white_collar white_dress white_headdress
 1girl absurdres bare_arms bare_legs bare_shoulders bikini black_hairband blue_archive blue_bikini blush breasts closed_mouth hair_tubes hairband halo highres himari_(blue_archive) indoors kji_(rozo) kneeling long_hair looking_at_viewer mole mole_under_eye navel pointy_ears purple_eyes small_breasts solo swimsuit white_hair
 1girl absurdres alternate_costume bare_legs bikini bikini_top_only black_hairband blue_archive blush collarbone couch duplicate grey_hair hair_tubes hairband halo highres himari_(blue_archive) indoors kji_(rozo) kneeling looking_at_viewer navel on_couch pixel-perfect_duplicate pointy_ears purple_eyes sarong sidelocks solo sparkle stomach swimsuit white_bikini white_sarong
 2boys :d blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_flower blue_rose blue_shirt blueberry boutonniere cafe chair character_doll chocolate closed_mouth collared_shirt cream eye_contact feeding flower food fork from_side fruit grey_jacket hair_between_eyes half_updo hanasaki_miyabi holding holding_fork holding_knife holding_spoon holostars indoors jacket kishido_temma knife lapels long_sleeves looking_at_another male_focus menu momose_(oqo) multiple_boys napkin notched_lapels official_alternate_costume open_clothes open_collar open_jacket open_mouth pancake parfait picture_frame pink_flower pink_rose plaid plaid_jacket profile red_hair red_jacket rose shelf shirt short_hair sleeves_past_wrists smile spoon strawberry table upper_body virtual_youtuber white_shirt window yellow_eyes

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