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The title of a story (a game/manga/anime/series/collection/doujinshi/saga/chapter/volume/episode/etc.) written somewhere in a post.

Abbreviations can be used as well. The title may be written in English, in Japanese, or in a different language. The title may or may not be written correctly — titles in Engrish or Ranguage are welcome here, too.

For example, on an image of Final_Fantasy VII:

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy 5
Final Fantasy
Fainaru Fantajii
Fainal Fantasy VII (post #382427)

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 4boys absurdres armor artist_name black_hair blade_&_bastard blue_eyes character_name closed_mouth copyright_name creator_connection cropped_shoulders danila_kuragin drawing_(23518) fur_trim goblin_slayer goblin_slayer! grey_hair hair_over_one_eye helmet highres hood hood_up iarumas_(blade_&_bastard) japanese_armor kabuto_(helmet) looking_at_viewer male_focus moscow_2160 multiple_boys parted_lips portrait red_eyes scar short_hair simple_background spiked_hair taishou_(goblin_slayer!) white_background
 absurdres aqua_ribbon asymmetrical_gloves balloon black_footwear black_gloves blonde_hair boots bow character_request commentary_request copyright_name gift gloves green_eyes hair_ribbon hat hat_bow heart_wand highres holding holding_wand jacket knee_boots kyusoukyu large_hat long_hair low_twintails mismatched_gloves multicolored_shirt official_art open_mouth partial_commentary pink_bow pink_gloves pink_sleeves red_headwear red_jacket red_ribbon red_shorts ribbon romancing_saga_re;universe shirt shorts strapless strapless_shirt twintails wand white_shirt witch_hat
 1girl bare_shoulders benghuai_xueyuan black_hair bracelet character_name copyright_name dress food fruit full_body gem gradient_hair head_chain high_heels holding holding_clothes holding_dress holding_food holding_fruit honkai_(series) jewelry logo long_hair multicolored_hair necklace official_art persephone_(benghuai_xueyuan) pomegranate red_dress second-party_source sleeveless sleeveless_dress solo tiara white_dress white_hair yellow_eyes
 1girl analog_clock benghuai_xueyuan black_dress black_footwear black_hair black_pantyhose book boots bow character_name clock closed_mouth copyright_name dress full_body gradient_hair hat highres holding holding_notebook honkai_(series) logo long_hair multicolored_hair notebook official_art pantyhose persephone_(benghuai_xueyuan) second-party_source skirt solo white_hair yellow_eyes
 armor belt black_hair black_vest bottomless breasts brown_belt clenched_hands colored_nipples colored_skin commentary copyright_name english_commentary english_text female_orc green_nipples green_skin hetero interspecies large_breasts logo lying nipples on_stomach orc pauldrons pointy_ears rowan_blackwell seeds_of_chaos sex shirt short_hair shoulder_armor sommelier tusks vest watermark web_address white_shirt
 1girl absurdres apron bikini blonde_hair blue_eyes blunt_bangs blush breasts character_request copyright_name eyes_visible_through_hair food from_side hair_over_eyes highres holding holding_food large_breasts medium_hair millennium_tour parted_lips plump pointy_ears short_sleeves side-tie_bikini_bottom simple_background solo striped_clothes striped_wrist_cuffs sweat swimsuit thick_arms upper_body waist_apron white_apron white_background wrist_cuffs zao_(pixiv_15847342)

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