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Tag type: General

Features bangs that are combed over or fall over either eye. Typically associated with emos or shy or mysterious characters. For the case where both eyes are covered, use hair_over_eyes.

See also:

blunt_bangs - For straight-cut unparted bangs
swept_bangs - For bangs loosely combed to one side
parted_bangs - For distinctly parted bangs
asymmetrical_bangs - For bangs worn half combed back, half loose

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 1boy black_background blood blood_from_mouth blood_on_face commentary_request fang gegege_no_kitarou grin hair_over_one_eye half-closed_eyes highres kitarou_tanjou:_gegege_no_nazo male_focus medama_oyaji medama_oyaji_(human) portrait profile smile solo suittyo_sama white_hair
1girl blue_eyes blue_hair blurry blurry_background breasts choker cleavage collarbone earrings hair_over_one_eye highres jewelry kirishima_touka long_hair looking_at_viewer medium_breasts miura-n315 off-shoulder_shirt off_shoulder realistic shirt single_off_shoulder solo tokyo_ghoul upper_body
 1girl absurdres au_ra bare_shoulders black_hair black_horns black_scales breasts colored_skin commentary_request dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_tail dress final_fantasy final_fantasy_xiv gradient_background gradient_hair grey_skin hair_over_one_eye highres horns large_breasts long_hair multicolored_hair one_eye_covered pelvic_curtain pink_dress pink_hair red_eyes red_nails shhilee signature sleeveless sleeveless_dress solo spread_legs squatting sweat tail tongue tongue_out warrior_of_light_(ff14)
 1girl absurdres bare_shoulders barefoot blue_sky breasts cloud commentary_request crossed_legs day dragon_girl dragon_horns dragon_tail dress eyes_visible_through_hair grey_hair hair_over_one_eye highres horns kuronagi_(mitora_uwu) long_hair looking_at_viewer on_railing original pelvic_curtain railing red_eyes sitting sky sleeveless sleeveless_dress small_breasts soles solo tail white_dress
 1boy 1girl animated animated_gif bed_sheet black_collar blonde_hair blurry blurry_background blush bottomless breasts breath closed_eyes coat collar creatures_(company) cum cum_in_mouth cum_on_hair cum_on_tongue cynthia_(pokemon) ejaculation facial fur-trimmed_coat fur_collar fur_trim game_freak grey_eyes hair_ornament hair_over_one_eye handjob hetero highres indoors large_breasts long_hair long_sleeves muunai nintendo open_mouth penis pokemon pokemon_dppt projectile_cum sidelocks solo_focus steaming_body teeth testicles uncensored
 1other animal_ears apple banana_peel brown_footwear brown_pants can closed_mouth fish_skeleton floppy_ears food food_bite fork fruit green_jacket hair_over_one_eye highres holding holding_paper jacket knees_up long_sleeves noose one_eye_covered open_can original pants paper red_hair rope round_image shoes short_hair sitting solo tail tayori_(yaigi) tearing_up trash trash_bag yaigi |_|

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