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A cyberpunk mystery visual novel/adventure game developed by Konami and created by Kojima Hideo. It is his first intensely story driven game (the original Metal Gear was more straightforward in plot and Solid Snake's characterization was simple) and has a lot of his stylistic trademarks like a cinematic presentation, breaking the fourth wall, and numerous easter eggs. The artwork is handled by Toyama_Keiichiro, Kobayashi_Yuichi, and Nose_Keita. Music is composed by Ikariko Masahiro, Izumi Mutsuhiko, Shirakwa M, and Fukami Seiichi.

The original game was released in 1988 for the MSX2 but in its original release, it was actually incomplete because Kojima and co. were unable to finish the game the way they intended to on time so the original game ends on Act 2 out of an intended 3 Acts. The spinoff SD Snatcher references the intended ending but it would not be until 1992 with the release of PC Engine port that the missing Act 3 would finally be released and conclude the story. This port also featured voice acting whereas the original release did not. Snatcher has also been ported to Playstation and Sega Saturn. While the core story and gameplay remains the same in all versions, each port has differences that make them unique.

On June 6 1991 (96 in English localization) of the game's universe, a biological weapon called Lucifer Alpha was released from Cheroton, Russia with devastating consequences on the world's population and making the contaminated area inhabitable for years. Fifty years later, society in Eurasia has managed to rebuild itself and a large urban city called Neo-Kobe City which resembles a futuristic Japanese city has sprouted up. Although the city is thriving and boasts technology unlike anything else seen in the game's universe, it has a serious problem in the form of Snatchers who are machines virtually indistinguishable from humans. They have a Terminator-esque exoskeleton, but are coated in extremely realistic human flesh. They are able to sweat, eat, and express emotion as well as any normal human. Snatchers have been killing off various human beings and taking their place. Their motives remain unknown but a small organization of anti-Snatcher hunters known as J.U.N.K.E.R has been formed. As the job is extremely dangerous, the organization consists of only a handful of people plus protagonist Gillian Seed.

Gillian Seed decides to become a junker to the surprise of his wife Jamie Seed. The Seeds are suffering from amnesia and remember nothing before the day they woke up in a Russian army hospital three years ago. Gillian is particularly troubled by their amnesia and while he doesn't dislike Jamie, he fears that his relationship with her is less genuine than it should be because they can't remember the past they shared together. By becoming a Junker, he feels that he has a better chance of recovering his memories. Gillian is assigned a robotic partner named Metal Gear Mk. II and the two of them work together to hunt down the Snatchers. Along the way, they uncover the truth behind the Snatchers and Gillian's memories.

Gameplay consists of investigation and shooting segments, all of which are done in a first person perspective.

The game is heavily inspired by the 1982 cyberpunk movie Blade_Runner with Gillian and Random Hajile bearing a strong resemblance to Rick Deckard and Roy Batty respectively. Neo Kobe City's design also resembles the city seen in Blade Runner. There are also references to Metal Gear, but the Metal Gear series is not in the same continuity as Snatcher. Metal Gear Mk. II would later be transplanted into Metal Gear Solid 4 which also allows Snake to dress up as Gillian Seed. The Snatchers themselves resurfaced in Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes in the non-canon bonus mission Jamais Vu as enemies for Raiden to deal with.

The game has received a RPG remake titled SD Snatcher where the characters are rendered in a chibi format. There is also an radio play prequel centering on Jean Jack Gibson called SDatcher.

The English localization is close to the original but tones down some of the sexual content of the original to conform to North American censorship standards; the close up shots of gruesome deaths are left mostly untouched. The Japan only Playstation port censored the gore and one demise that wasn't censored by blurring the image was rendered in a less graphic fashion.


Main Characters:


Policenauts Napoleon and Random cameo in this game.
Ganbare_Goemon Gillian makes a cameo in Ganbare Goemon 2.

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