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Terry08 commented at 2023-12-01 15:59:57 » #2848115

Rough translation

Her (blue): "If you come any closer, I'll ring this bell, you know?"

Him (green): "Did you get that from your parents? Can I see it?"

(Yellow) he had been following her with lewd eyes for a while

Her: "This shitty lolicon! Do you think you'll be forgiven after this!? Now hurry up and get that dirty thing away from me!"

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Rizzmasterboulets69 commented at 2023-12-04 23:15:33 » #2848880

Ok bro there’s a difference between being a lolicon and saying you wanna rape little girls :|

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Mcmacguy commented at 2023-12-04 23:56:24 » #2848885

Who cares it's a comment on a porn site bro's probably just horny

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axxxrp3@gmail.com commented at 2024-02-23 05:44:47 » #2868654

Correction? No. This little girl deserves to be fully raped :3

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Femboygoon3rr commented at 2024-02-24 04:58:47 » #2869026

Smug Little brats deserve to be raped uwu

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