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Anonymous commented at 2013-03-01 18:27:40 » #1274814

Girl in black: "Well, well."
Girl in pink: "Hello there."
Girl in purple: "Look, a new plaything."
Girl in suspension: "O HAI!!!!!1"

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Anonymous commented at 2013-03-01 23:11:54 » #1274977

I see youre busy.

I'll come back later!

...Hm. That's strange. The door seems to be locked from the outside.

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Coalition commented at 2013-03-02 10:05:38 » #1275269

Lower the girl in suspension so she is at the right height to give the guy a blow job. Why she is doing that, the other three whisper in his ears what they want to do to him.

The girl in black is on one side rubbing up against him, the one in pink is suggestively licking the candle and rubbing it between her tits, and the purple girl is standing between the legs of the girl in suspension, using the flogger on her spread pussy. Each time the flogger is used, she sucks the guy's cock a bit harder, begging with her tongue for him to cum in her mouth.

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jmaximum commented at 2013-03-04 00:58:39 » #1276490

Girls, hold on, I'm gonna grab a knife to take that girl down from the ropes you put her up on..Any of you want some wine as well so we can play spin the bottle...?

No?...Well, you mind giving me the key to this door? A guy's gotta kick the can..

NO??..Fer crying out loud, what'll happen if there's an accident..!?

And, please, don't tell me one of you's into golden showers...!

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Anonymous commented at 2013-03-22 13:38:22 » #1287870

oh sorry to bother you, i live next door and i needed a glass of sugar . I'll come back later. ...30 seconds later.... uh what happened?, why am i tied up in mid air? , who are you ? why are you tied up in mid air ?

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Anonymous commented at 2013-03-22 13:39:27 » #1287872

from what anime is this ?

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