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alterPKM - Group: Member - Total Posts: 4
any experience creating r34 with ia ?
Posted on: 05/15/24 04:16AM

have you ever felt attracted to a waifu that didn't have enough content available, until you found a way to generate it with ia ?

my examples are : several npc trainers like aroma and parasol lady, pokemon breeder, sightseer etc.

skliskler - Group: Member - Total Posts: 11
Posted on: 05/15/24 06:19AM

Nah I just move on if I can't find anything. If ever I were so specifically horny that I needed porn of the character right there right then I would probably just draw it myself.

Maximinimal - Group: Member - Total Posts: 808
Posted on: 05/15/24 08:55AM

no,the ever-pesky AI talk is killing the artistic industry..are conventional drawings not enough?
hard edit:well,shit..didn't think this one through

internal affairs,huh...well,I'd just leave it as it is.

lozertuser - Group: The Fake Administrator - Total Posts: 2238
Posted on: 05/15/24 10:53PM

any experience creating r34 with ia ?

Internal Affairs is too stuffy to want to mess around with r34, rule 35 however, they are all about it. Something something dark side something something.

Xalrun - Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 4733
Posted on: 05/16/24 09:38AM

Ian Alexander seems like a very interesting artist.

ThePigeon - Group: Member - Total Posts: 6408
Posted on: 05/16/24 10:37AM

Op, do you speak Spanish? It seems that you used the Spanish acronym for AI. Inteligencia Artificial.
And now the gringoes are making fun of you because of that.

Orphan_crippler - Group: Member - Total Posts: 443
Posted on: 05/16/24 12:45PM

I don't know of any decent free ai generators, the best one I can't think of is gemini and all i can get is busty furries and "furries" with an absurd cleavage because if i request a human google will shit itself.

animeboy12 - Group: Member - Total Posts: 102
Posted on: 05/18/24 03:43PM

Nah ethics aside AI art is still pretty sterile when it comes to porn. I'd rather commission someone. A few decent porn art of a character I like is worth more than thousands of samey ai slop.

humingbird - Group: Member - Total Posts: 163
Posted on: 05/18/24 04:21PM

there’s something extremely soulless making ai art because your favorite character wasn’t horny enough and passing it off as equivelent to hand drawn, never mind how all it’s done is steal art styles that artists put thousands upon thousands of hours crafting with their own sweat blood and tears.

SongByFire - Group: Member - Total Posts: 3
Posted on: 05/18/24 04:40PM

Ive tried it before with some free programs that are hosted on websites and I didn't like the results. They all look the same (I don't know how to fully explain it but if you've seen AI art you probably know what Im referring to)

I would much rather comission a real artist if I want art of a certain character. However I would make AI art if I was able to replicate an artist style, Ive seen certain images that replicate Afrobull's style or ratatat74's style

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